Sparks Fly on The Voice of China Season 3 中国好声音第三季

Something's blossoming.

Love is obviously the theme on the set of The Voice of China! This is a round up on backstage news on The Voice of China Season 3 over the past week:

An exciting news about Bai Mu 白穆 and Chen Bing 陈冰 are now officially together. Bai Mu, hailing from Qi Qin's team, was recently kicked off during the Battle rounds of the competition while Chen Bing continues to advance in the competition under Na Ying's team. It is also rumoured that Chen Bing is the overall champion of Na Ying's team, beating the likes of Korean pop star Zhang Bi Chen 张碧晨, the sweet Liu Ming Xiang 刘明湘 and Momo Wu's senior, 李嘉格 (now we know why they sound somewhat similar)! However, news of the recently-in-love Chen Bing clinching championship in her team are merely founded on her popularity and speculations based on their Weibo postings.

Shen Yu Lin 申钰林 (lookalike of the host, Hua Shao) confesses that he likes the gorgeous, long-maned UZ 秦宇子? Sparks fly in the competition! He declares that he is romantically interested in her because she has a good grasp of understanding of men. Whoa, now what does that mean? He doesn't elaborate further on that though.

The photoshoot pictures for the top 16 are also published online, with Na Ying's team draped in sensual tones of black and red-hot lipsticks!. You can also see them in different clothes (finally!). In the "Thanking of Teachers" episode, Na Ying rebranded her top 4 as the "four golden flowers", each of the contestant sang their classic song during the blind auditions and the teachers each sang a song to encourage the top 16. Fans of Momo Wu would be glad to see her appearance in the first part! Geng Si Han 耿斯汉 wasn't in his top-form yesterday with his voice cracking under pressure. Looks like either he was conserving his energy or he strained his throat too much.


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