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I always knew that hair pampering sessions do wonders to lifting my mood. But this particular time, I'm surprised how it makes me feel relaxed, happy, and revitalised days after the change! I have the wonderful team at X'pect Studio (Sunset Way) to thank for the experience. Although this is a sponsored review, I was particularly aware to calibrate my observations and experience to bring about a more objective review. 

Firstly, I did not feel or observe any extra treatment that they would not normally do for other customers throughout the process. My hairstylist, Raymond is attentive to my needs and assessed my hair condition professionally and efficiently.

Situation: My hair was in a terrible state but I had no time to go for a proper hair uplifting session. I really needed someone to save my hair from its dry ends (hair serum can only be effective until I washed it off), oily scalp, shapeless hairstyle, black roots, and lost in colour shine of my previous dye job. That's a lot of problems to settle at one go, and I was pretty helpless at that. 

Resolution: Raymond quickly suggested that he could snip away a few inches and dye my hair with a darker ash brown for a healthier glow. He also picked out purple highlights for my fringe... which peeks out more obviously when exposed to the sunlight. 

He was decisive and confident, it impressed me because I thought he would need some time to think. All the hairstylists at X'pect Studio are personally screened and handpicked by X'pect Studio Director Eddie. They have at least 5 years of hairstyling experience in the industry. This made me feel at ease with their decisions and I could leave it to them to think for me what to do with my hair. That's how relaxed hair pampering sessions should be... no need to think or worry at all.

Hair Wash
The hair wash was also effortlessly comfortable. I have been through enough hair washes (my favourite component) to decide if it's good, and I must say that both the process and the effectiveness are excellent. The hair wash was quite gentle but firm, such that I was able to fall asleep to the rhythmic movements of the wash. No splashing, discomfort or unnecessary water dripping all over - it was very well done. And guess what, it felt so squeaky clean after that, I didn't feel the need to wash my head even three days after the session.

Hair Colouring
JS came over to help as well! They worked their nimble fingers through my hair and got all my hair densely covered with dye in less than 30 minutes. X'pect Studio prides themselves on team work which meant getting your hair done up doubly quick as opposed to having one hairstylist per customer like most salons.

I waited for 30 minutes for the dye to set. There was the Channel 8 drama playing on TV so I entertained myself watching it. There are also magazines to read if you aren't interested in TV! Or... take selfies. Time passes incredibly fast this time.

Then it's back to hair wash and then... blow dry!~ ❤ The feeling of having multiple people working on my head makes me feel like a superstar. I really like their team attitude of helping each other out, it makes things more efficient too.

My hair hasn't been in such a great condition since forever.

It used to look like a dehydrated field (the faded red doesn't help) and going out of control...

Prettily shaped and sooo Japanese-inspired! I'm not the one who said this actually, I received a lot of unanimous compliments that I look prettier with a better cut fringe and much more glow. An acquaintance didn't even recognize me but she said that I looked so much better. This gives me a lot of confidence when I walk out of the house nowadays. That's why I think the best line that can encapsulate my experience here is that X'pect Studio can really unleash your hair potential and increase your overall beauty.

Many thanks to the salon manager, Joyce and my hairstylist, Raymond for this wonderful session 

Photo credits to Mistical!  

I think the quality I've experienced at X'pect Studio lived up to their credentials, including being the winner of over 80 awards locally and internationally. They have also created a lot of hairstyles for celebrity personalities at Mediacorp events like the President's Star Charity, Mediacorp Radio Awards 2013, Mediacorp ComChest Show 2014 and more!

I went home to take a million selfies of course, but so as not to impose everything on this space, I shall just pick one. If you feel like you need a recommendation for an uplifting makeover, I would say that X'pect Studio gives me the confidence of great results and a very comfortable process. I think it boils down to experience and screening of hairstylist team in their studios that ensures a high level of quality of delivering of results.

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