Wimbly Lu Chocolates Cafe @ Jalan Riang

I shouldn't have taken that long to visit Wimbly Lu Chocolates Cafe, but now that I have, it sits comfortably at the top of my favourite cafes in terms of food! I visited the cafe twice in a week - it's so good and also because it's part of my school assignment (self-inflicted) requirement. What do you think about Wimbly Lu? I compare their famous waffles with Creamier's waffles:

Don't even think about it, just order this! Wimbly Lu Chocolates Cafe's waffles with ice-cream ($8.50) are to-die-for, and I can totally tell why after the first bite! The monologue in my head just went bonkers for a while: Oh my god, this is fantastic. Why did I wait for so long before coming here? And then, whoa, I think it's the best waffles (yet). Cafe-hopping is expensive business and so I haven't been to a lot, especially to the new fourth-generation wave of cafes mushrooming again in the last few months. But let's just compare this to the other cafe with waffles as their specialty - Creamier. I would say, Wimbly Lu wins, hands down! Given that they are quite different in terms of plating, their idea of what the perfect waffle mouthfeel should be like, I'm just giving a verdict on the overall.

I prefer Wimbly Lu's classic style of presentation, and at the same time it's done so normally, effortlessly, but so well done. Creamier is a little tower of two smaller waffle squares, much sweeter and crispier but so much so it has an almost biscuit feel to it. Wimbly Lu's is closer to a pancake and just occasionally crispy at the right places. 

Creamier would be a wiser choice if none of Wimbly Lu's flavours tickle your cravings: Vanilla Bean, Cheesecake, Rum & Raisin, Salted Caramel, Honey Cinnamon, Milo and Chocolate Truffle, but I think they have all the popular yet unique (the latter came first) flavours in-store. Creamier does have the sorbet versions if you like it that way too. But if you haven't been to Wimbly Lu and are reading this... just go, okay? You will love it.

Nowadays I reserve my mocha orders at cafes for cafes that people rave about because I don't want to waste my calcium loss on well, bad coffee. Wimbly Lu's mocha ($5.50): wonderfully executed, a little too foamy but still settles nicely on the palate, a little heavy on the chocolate side and less so on the caffeine. If I have to stop myself from guzzling the whole cup down, yes it's good.

I wanted to get a chocolate tofu cake but they ran out, so I ordered the Double Chocolate Cheesecake ($5) which is very decadent and rich, none of the cloying sweet textures and all of the calories I don't mind having. I like the little whimsical touch of chocolate tracing over my plate, it just cheers me up so much more. But I'll still say: go for the waffles if you're going for the first time! The desserts are worth having too :)

In addition to the food, I am impressed at how they kept their prices low with their quality of food. Too many overpriced cafes nowadays for the substandard quality of food, and yet people patronize them time after time (oh god why). Despite being a little cramped, I think Wimbly Lu is one of the few cafes that will endure through time. The proximity of tables can be quite disturbing, but the space inside the cafe is quite small. That's probably the only gripe I'll have about Wimbly Lu, but if I were there for the food, this wouldn't really bother me too much. The nearest MRT is Lorong Chuan, a bit of a challenge to navigate over by foot but it can be done under 15 minutes.

Wimbly Lu
15-2 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987


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  1. chocolate tofu cake? sounds interesting! share it if you happen to go again ya! =D

  2. That's the first dessert that caught my eye!! Would love to try it :)

  3. Looks not bad! 1 place added to the list!

    1. Please put it high on your list! My experience here was lovely :')


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