Dessert First 糖水先 along Liang Seah Street

Here I am, on Liang Seah Street just across Bugis Street at Dessert First! I might have seen this street in the day, but little did I know it comes alive at night. There are many dessert eateries (Hong Kong style: Ji De Chi, Ah Chew Desserts), steamboat restaurants, and Thai restaurants here too! It's kind of reminds me of Taiwan, somehow. It was a weekend night, and all the dessert places were filled to the brim! Dessert First is no exception. 

Durian Snow Ice is their specialty, along with their beancurd but it was too hot for beancurd that day. Definitely a must-try for durian lovers! As for me, a durian noob (who only eats durian sweets and ice-cream), the taste is also quite manageable if you eat the durian paste thing with the snow ice. A good way to nurse a liking for durians for people haven't tried before.

Mango Sago with Pomelo is the typical safe choice, because nothing can honestly go wrong with mango and desserts by my standards. I think it reaches my expectations but nothing spectacular, so if you have no idea what to order you can always order this.

Taiwan Aiyu Jelly is the most refreshing of the lot, especially with a spritz of lime and a good dose of mangoes. I would still prefer the durian desserts over their mango ones though.

Glutinous Rice Balls with Red Bean filling and Longan ($3.90) was a warm dessert, and at first I thought it was going to be scalding but hey no! It's actually very warm, comforting but doesn't burn your tongue. The size of the rice ball is also just nice, it is just perfect for one comfortable mouthful unless your mouth is really really small.

Both Ah Chew Desserts and Dessert First are the dessert shops to go on this street, you can try either of it. While Dessert First offers quite a variety which I appreciate, Ah Chew Desserts is more famous and usually has a longer queue, but they definitely do classic Hong Kong desserts better.

Dessert First
8 Liang Seah Street #01-04
Singapore 189029


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