Dong Po Colonial Cafe

When you think of nostalgic cafes, the ones that come to your mind are probably Sinpopo Brand, Tian Kee, Sin Lee, CMC Confectionery. There's no reason to miss out Dong Po Colonial Cafe, which specializes in so much cake, you can stuff yourself silly and still keep your wallets happy.

One of the most amusing non-cake items: 3-hole cookie!

The Lamington Orange Cake (left) had a surprisingly strong orange flavour, which reminded me of the childhood Fruity orange candy infused in the old-school sponge cake. The light coconut flakes around it made for a more textured mouthfeel. The Apple Aloe Slice Cake (right) on the other hand was much sweeter, with the same sponge cake, but with aloe vera bits stuffed in between. I wished the apple puree could be more generous though.

By this time, I realized that all of the cakes were made of the same sponge cake as their base but permutated with different flavourings and toppings. The Good Old Lemon Roll (left) is by far my favourite, the lemon-infused flavours made it the most distinctive and full of its own character. Some may find it a little sour but I really like it that way. The Strawberry Mousse Cake (middle) was a little too sweet, though it makes for a pretty picture. The Chocolate Truffle (right) tasted like chocolate but not really chocolate truffle. I shouldn't have expected more given that it's only at $2.20 a piece, but well, I guess it's indeed the whole experience that is interesting.

There were a lot of old artifacts on display around the cafe, including this pair of phoenix candles encased in the table. It's worth a shot to visit this cafe, but go easy on the cakes and splurge on the coffee, then go on cafe hop elsewhere with so many cafes in the region!

Dong Po Colonial Cafe
56 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198904


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