Restaurant la Tavern at Nice City

If you are looking for a place to dine at Nice City near Place Massena, look no further than Restaurant la Tavern for an awesome time with some of the best pizzas I've ever tasted ever.

And then I thought of not captioning the photos and letting them speak their thousand words each - but I guess I won't be doing enough justice to this place! Restaurant la Tavern has two floors; the upper floor is probably opened only for the dinner crowds... during lunch, it is accessible for guests visiting the restrooms or having a secret wish to take photos in their huge mirror. Memories have a way of erasing how it tastes like exactly especially when on a holiday because the five senses are so overspent (and the sixth sense too, for geographical hunches). But I do remember how it made me feel: insatiably delicious even after consecutive three slices of it. I usually measure how delicious food is by the amounts I consume, and this is definitely high on the scale!

Restaurant la Tavern
25 Rue Massena, 06000 Nice, France


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