Sample Store Review: BLACK PAINT® Easy 4 Step Pore Care Range - Water Cream Moisturizer (STEP 4)

Do you know that the extremely popular BLACK PAINT® sold more than one million units in 2012 alone? This is a brand that beauty-conscious ladies should at least know about. There are 4 steps to the BLACK PAINT® Easy 4 Step Pore Care Range - this post covers the last step to using the Water Cream Moisturizer. Let's go on a skincare journey with BLACK PAINT®:

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Step 4: Water Cream Moisturizer

Water Cream Moisturizer... what is this?
As the name probably already gave you an inkling, it is a water-based moisturizing cream that protects your skin from dryness and maintains moisture all day long. It can also function as a makeup base.

How to use it?
1. Take a cherry-sized amount, and spread onto face.
2. Transforms into water droplets upon application. Wait until your face dries before applying makeup.

Benefits of the Water Cream Moisturizer
It contains Morocco's Argan Oil and a combination of 7 different types of flower oil and polymeric silicon form a protective veil against external environment. The inclusion of natural ingredients provides anti-oxidative effects, correcting your skin's unevenness, giving a good adhesion of your foundation and a long-lasting make-up finish. There are no alcohol, fragrances and artificial colorants, soothingly scented with lavender oil.

On using the Water Cream Moisturizer
Packaging: This was no doubt my favourite step and product of the entire BLACK PAINT® Easy 4 Step Pore Care Range! The pot of water cream moisturizer is floral-themed, which exudes a sense of femininity and grace! It makes me feel happy just holding it and using it.
Fragrance: The medley of both rose and lavender undertones is super ingenious. Can I have all my products in this fragrance?! I usually prefer no fragrances because it seems unnatural, but I feel good with this one because it's so gentle and non-imposing. I love it a lot.
Texture: It is much thicker and creamier than most moisturizers I've used, but the after-effects of using it is zero stickiness, zero residue, zero oiliness. I feel like it's completely absorbed - before I used this moisturizer, I did carry out Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 dutifully... I think my skin owe absorption to those steps! :)

Overall thoughts on BLACK PAINT® Easy 4 Step Pore Care Range
Commitment is the word here. They do call it "easy 4", but it's actually really quite time-consuming for the average woman considering how you are supposed to do it twice a day! To be honest, I only follow this beauty regime once - at night before I sleep everyday, and it's already quite a lot of work to do.
However, I must say that it is working out quite well in terms of moisturizing! I love how my skin is considerably well-taken care of now, feels cleaner, happier, and less disturbed by external environment factors like dust, dirt and pollution.
On possible outbreaks as per warning on the brochure - "It is common among Singaporeans' skin to respond with a mild outbreak on the first few days. Not mixing Black Paint with other skincare brands, not including makeup, and completing the 4 steps over a continuous 28 days will quickly pacify the outbreak while maximizing results." - there is a mild outbreak on my face (as per day 4 of usage), but it is really very mild with whiteheads emerging. It is something that might happen anyway whether or not I am using this product - so I'm not sure if it is entirely due to this product.
I like how I can get rid of whiteheads and super stubborn milia seeds around my eyes much easily now. I think it might be due to the effects of the Konjac Sponge's action on the skin that loosens the whiteheads.
 I will be continuing to monitor the effects of this product over one month - check back this space if you are interested to know! :)

There have been minor breakouts after using it for ten days. I have skipped the oil water rose as I find that it somehow induced a lot of oiliness action on my face hours after I completed the four steps! The good thing about BLACK PAINT is that it has successfully helped me removed a lot of visible whiteheads under my skin that I've been trying to rid of since forever, and very moisturizing - so if these are your concerns, you will find this very useful. The sponge also has an exfoliating effect on my face but yet very gentle as it does. However, I feel like my face is secreting a lot of oil and I have very little persistence to continue for another 20 days to see how my skin improves then because the breakouts are really quite annoying! :( There's no reason not to continue in future though, I'm totally loving the water cream moisturizer which is my go-to whenever I need an additional boost. I'm falling back on my usual beauty routine as I have a few important events coming up. Do read other reviews for a comparison, and my advice would be to get the trial kit to see if it's compatible with your skin as I find that the efficacy of this product is quite subjective.


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  1. Beautiful pictures :) i've heard of people replacing their SKII pdts for this black paint pdts! amazing.

    1. Hi Cheer, thanks for your comment. =) I am trying it out and will update this space after 28 days to see what are the differences!


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