Sample Store Review: BLACK PAINT® Easy 4 Step Pore Care Range - Best Water Toner & Oil Water Rose (STEP 3)

Do you know that the extremely popular BLACK PAINT® sold more than one million units in 2012 alone? This is a brand that beauty-conscious ladies should at least know about. There are 4 steps to the BLACK PAINT® Easy 4 Step Pore Care Range - this post covers the 3rd step to using the Best Water Toner & Oil Water Rose. Let's go on a skincare journey with BLACK PAINT®:

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Step 3a: Best Water Toner

Best Toner Water... what is this?
Containing 30 minerals, this is a pore-minimizing toner that deeply penetrates the skin to nourish and help restore skin's natural barrier to prevent moisture loss. It also prevents the formation of wrinkles due to dryness.

How to use it? 
1. Pump some of the toner onto your hands or onto facial paper, 1 to 2 pumps to start.
2. Apply toner to your face with light, massaging strokes.
3. Repeat with additional pumps of best water (up to 5) until your face feels moisturized.

Note: For better absorption, apply a small amount of toner each time, rather than a large amount all at once. We recommend the use of Facial Paper with toner.
On using the Best Water Toner
Texture, comfort level: The best water toner is very light, almost equivalent to water in its texture. There is also no fragrance at all, very natural. As compared to toners with alcohol content, this best water toner is relatively more gentle on the skin and moisturizes while it protects.
Tip: Pat your face gently while you massage it to allow better absorption! 

Step 3b: Oil Water Rose

Oil Water Rose (Lotion) ... what is this? 
The oil water rose is a dual-layer emulsion that regenerates, protects, soothes, and soften the skin keeping skin soft, supple, radiant and young-looking. It has a delicious rose scent which uplifts the spirit.
How to use it?

1. Shake well before use - until the color turns whitish. 
2. Apply 3 to 5 pumps volume of product onto skin. Repeat this step for 2 to 3 times.
Note: Shaking the bottle mixes rose oil with various plant oils before applying on your skin. Apply this after cleansing and best water toner application. For best results, use it together with best water toner.

On using the Oil Water Rose
 Ease of usage: A great arm workout every time I used it because in order to achieve the whitish texture of the solution, I need to shake it really vigorously.
Texture, comfort level: The first thing I noticed was the super sweet-smelling rose fragrance from the oil water rose! It does not give off the artificial vibes, which I really appreciate. It has a calming effect. It absorbs quickly into the skin in small dosages and has an additional boost of moisturizing!
Tip: Apply in small dosages rather than a huge volume at one go to avoid the sticky after-effects.
You can find the Best Water Toner & Oil Water Rose at: Takashimaya Basement Level 1, Isetan (West Gate) Basement Level 2, and their online official website.

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