Sample Store Review: BLACK PAINT® Easy 4 Step Pore Care Range - Black Paint Soap (STEP 1)

If troubled skin and enlarged skin pores are your skincare problems, don't miss out on this review on the extremely popular BLACK PAINT®! There are 4 steps to the BLACK PAINT® Easy 4 Step Pore Care Range - the 1st step is using the Black Paint Soap. A skincare journey with BLACK PAINT® begins here: 

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The BLACK PAINT® brand
Established in Kyoto, Japan 15 years ago, BLACK PAINT® is an organic skincare brand. Its founder, Miyuki Maeda combined ancient wisdom of beauty secrets, modern bacteriology and contemporary natural & organic lifestyle. This formula targets skin problems by treating skin pores through leveraging on the power of nature. 
BLACK PAINT® skincare products is formulated with an award-winning complex that mimics nutrients and minerals that the skin produces through micro-biota and perspiration. Your skin pores can become clogged and its texture becomes rough, dry and dull - BLACK PAINT functions exactly to restore that balance.

BLACK PAINT® is very popular in Japan!
In 2012, BLACK PAINT® soaps sold more than one million units!

What are the ingredients in BLACK PAINT®? 
BLACK PAINT® skincare products are made from natural, organic materials. which are blended from more than 100 types of plant oils, 50 types of essential oils and Kishu Binchotan Charcoal, to formulate a complete solution to cleanse and treat your pores.

Let's begin with Step 1: Black Paint Soap

Black Paint Soap... what is this? 
This is a gentle pore cleansing hand-made face soap with Kishu Binchotan Charcoal. It functions to clean pores and removes oil and dirt thoroughly but gently without stripping away skin’s essential moisture. Texture-wise, this soap feels quite solid and firm when it is fresh out of the packaging, well, feels like a regular bar soap and has a faint lavender fragrance.  

How to use it
1. Immerse the soap into slightly warm water for 40 seconds. The soap is ready when the surface of the soap melts into a sesame dessert paste.
2. Apply directly onto skin, even over makeup because the soap can double as a makeup remover.

Note: Try to use all 6 surfaces of the soap and not just 1 side to preserve the form of the soap.

3. Massage face gently for 1 minute to allow charcoal particles in the soap water to sip into the pores and adhere themselves to whiteheads and oil deposits for more effective cleansing.
4. Rinse with warm water with a gentle massage. Avoid harsh motion because such action will cut off partially exposed comedones - which will be best removed with the help of Black Konjac Sponge (Step 2).
Note: Keep your eyes shut until all soap is gone to prevent soap's salts from irritating your eyes.

5. Leave the Black Paint Soap on an open dish in an airy place to dry naturally to prolong the usage of the soap.

What do I think about the Black Paint Soap?
Ease of usage: I've never tried anything like this black paint soap which is soap specially meant for facial wash. It is indeed an interesting experience, but much easier to apply than I thought! It is fun to smear it on and does not take any skills at all. Other than the light lavender fragrance, there is no other obvious fragrance.
Usage, functionality (cleansing): I am impressed with what this unassuming bar of Black Paint Soap can do when it comes to cleansing! There are a lot of bio-technical terms when it comes to how it really works, but what I felt on my skin was that it lifted much more impurities away than my previous cleansers. I'm switching around a lot of cleansers including Eversoft Mulberry Cleanser, The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Set, Himalaya Herbals, and more - I can confidently say none of them matched up. Even the usual stubborn dead skin is gone. Best of all, it leaves a very happy skin behind, retaining a moisturized feel. This is before Steps 3 & 4 which will be introduced later.
Usage, functionality (makeup remover): While it is fantastic as a facial cleanser, I won't advise you to use this as a makeup remover because it stings the eyes like mad. It washes off quite easily but being a kanchiong spider, I opened my eyes to check if I got everything off and into my eyes it went. I did not use the soap with the intention of washing off my makeup, but I wouldn't dare to put it near my eyes after that this. Use the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water if you need a makeup remover recommendation.

Final notes
After I used the product... I noticed a small reminder at the side which reads: "It is common among Singaporeans' skin to respond with a mild outbreak on the first few days. Not mixing Black Paint with other skincare brands, not including makeup, and completing the 4 steps over a continuous 28 days will quickly pacify the outbreak while maximizing results." Imagine as I recoil in horror after reading the first line. And then the amount of commitment over a period of 28 days! Gosh, you probably know by now I'm very lazy when it comes to keeping up with beauty regimes, not to mention 4 steps, twice a day, one month. Sometimes when I'm super tired I don't even do a final cleansing, let alone moisturizer and all that jazz.
But... from what I've experienced over the past three days, I didn't get any outbreak at all and my skin is enjoying itself very much. Of course three days isn't really long enough to decide if there's any negative side effects. If you're unsure of this product, you can check back again in a few days - if I experienced any negative side effects, I'll definitely update this space immediately.
Then again, I think this is a good product to try if you've tried a lot of different products and none has worked out for you properly yet. You can find this at : Takashimaya Basement Level 1, Isetan (West Gate) Basement Level 2, and their online official website.

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  1. Hi, I'm interested to know how much is this black soap going for?

    1. Hi Sara Michelle,

      The whole BLACK PAINT® Easy 4 Step Pore Care Range is retailing at SGD$259. It includes the black paint soap, black konjac sponge, best toner water, rose oil water, and water cream moisturizer.

  2. hi, nice post.
    i stumbled upon black paint in tokyo on my recent trip. regret that i onlu ourchased the soap. now, i have to look for the rest of the products. really like the soap.


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