10 High C-Pop Songs For Karaoke (PART 1)

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For the hyperactive: never get bored again at k-box! If you belong to the tribe who loves high songs and jump up and down the sofa to exercise the springs in it... you know you can never have enough of such songs (yes, this is only part 1):

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1. 謝金燕 - 姐姐
This list is supposedly not in chronological order, but this first song is the inspiration for this post. This only means one thing - you might get an overdosage of high once you mastered this song. When all else fails, go ahead and 咚吱咚吱咚吱 with the Sister. You never know what is wtf until you finished this song, and discovered you actually liked it. And it has turned into your earworm for the following week.
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2. 大嘴巴- 结果咧
A catchy piece by Da Mouth that will satisfy the ones who loves to challenge rap while mixing the familiar 结果咧-结果咧-结果咧-结果咧 part that everyone knows. The close substitute to this song minus all that rap is 国王皇后.
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3. 五月天 - 傷心的人別聽慢歌(貫徹快樂)
This song has become my K-box staple whenever I needed something to break the slow-songs monotony. You can always count on MayDay when a spammage of fun songs are required, but this is one of their latest songs that have topped their previous classic high pieces. Just in my opinion - at least the MV is interesting to watch ;)
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4. F.I.R - Get High
F.I.R do things more literally in this department, and this is one song that will bring a smile to your face, definitely! Thankfully, this song is still not too difficult to sing without going too-off-pitch for mere mortals like us. Friends might beg to differ.
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5. 蔡依林 - 日不落
After 梁棟江 and 余楓 from The Voice of China revolutionized this less-than-mainstream Jolin's song, I found newfound love for this song from 7 years ago. Opt for the VOC version if you can (should be available in Teo Heng studios) for the extra boost of happiness!
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6. 萧敬腾 - 王妃
Jam Hsiao will always have a place in every playlist I make, especially with my favourite song that I must have selected for at least ten times. Never attempt this without a warm-up for maximum enjoyment. However, it might be so over-sung that it no longer has the high factor. But objectively speaking, yes, it definitely should appear here.
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7. 孫燕姿 - 超快感
Singapore-born Stefani Sun with her cheerful, upbeat song 超快感 begins at mid-pace and gradually build up to the climax. There's so much positive energy channeling in this song, it's an awesome song to choose to lift your moods.
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8. S.H.E - Superstar
All you secretly-or-not-secretly karaoke fans, you can sing the chorus just by looking at the title of the song, right? The song especially satisfying to sing in an all-girls group where you can be your own S.H.E. And the entire song you're just waiting for this: You are my superstar, boy!~
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9. 鄭秀文 - 眉飛色舞
You might be busier getting your legs moving and arms waving then actually singing into the microphone itself when it comes to this song, so it doesn't really matter whether your tongue can handle the complicated lyrics that half-resembled a Chinese poem or not.
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10. 羅志祥 & 楊丞琳 - 王見王
When these two powerful singers come together, you can expect a perfect synergy for a fun and adrenalin-rush-inducing song! It doesn't matter that the lyrics are actually damn cheesy that only Show Luo & Rainie can pull off. This song is super cute!

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