10 High C-Pop Songs For Karaoke (PART 2)

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For the hyperactive: never get bored again at k-box! If you belong to the tribe who loves high songs and jump up and down the sofa to exercise the springs in it... you know you can never have enough of such songs (read part 1 here):

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1. 張惠妹 - Bad Boy
Vintage and gold: spanning across a few decades, this is one of those songs that karaoke old-timers would definitely know. It's also perfect for an all-girls hang out day. Taiwanese pop queen A-Mei also rose to fame with this single, along with classic 聽海 in the same disc.
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2. 魔幻力量 - 射手
Getting back to something more recent, Magic Power takes you away with techno elements and highly catchy rap! If you want a mild feel of clubbing in the karaoke room with a hint of Jolin, this is it.
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3. 王心凌 - 心電心
For something more cutesy and dance routines, turn to Cyndi Wang with one of her less diabetic songs 心電心! I like this song because it's so easy to sing even though it appears challenging. A few practices are all it takes!
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4. 周杰倫 - 公公偏頭痛 
Jay Chou really isn't just your emo buddy in karaoke. Get together with his blasphemous, ridiculous yet hilarious song and the hardest rap yet, Imagine saying "我進京趕考 免不了學而時習之的 搖頭晃腦東方的琴棋書畫比西方有情調 " all in three seconds. Just wait for that hilarious chorus.
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5. 罗志祥 - 精舞门
If you want a dance hit, Show Luo is the man to find. If you want a song where you can act cool, this is the top choice! Even if you don't know how to sing this song, you'll soon get the hang of it after listening to the first verse.
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6. S.H.E - 痛快
S.H.E takes it away with another song (the previous song on the first part of this playlist) with 痛快, which as the name suggests, is extremely satisfying to sing. This is especially because you get three tone ranges to choose from.
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7. 杜德偉 - 脫掉
When I first got to know this song, I was amazed by how such a song could exist... and who on earth would even dare to sing this in public?! But singing this with close friends is amazingly funny. Don't assume this is an easy song to sing, beyond the chorus, there are still a lot of ambiguous verses that are difficult to smoke through.
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8. 蔡依林 - 美人計
But of course, dancing diva - Jolin. You already know her usual 舞娘/大丈夫/看我七十二变, but I'll introduce a relatively newer song. 美人計 caught my attention due to its powerful chorus that makes it very rewarding to sing at one shot. It leaves you breathless, because you probably can't resist dancing to it.
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9. 庾澄慶 哈你歌
Warning: Earworm potential. A collaboration between Harlem Yu and 小S, this song is highly repetitive so anyone can sing it. The music video borders on being creepy and pretty. How is that possible? Watch it and you'll understand.

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10. 五月天 - 第一天
 Stefani Sun and Mayday both sang this song before - it doesn't matter much which version you choose... but this is a song that everyone knows and a perfect ending to a karaoke session!
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