Insomnia no more, sleep better with technology: "Relax Completely" App

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If you've read 5 ways to wake up without all that angst and found that irrelevant because insomnia is your bigger enemy: this is for you. I remembered downloading some apps with an assortment of sounds to help with sleeping better, but I couldn't recall the name of it. So I decided to browse the Play Store (#Android) for similar apps and found this Relax Completely App. The interface looked a bit 1997, but I saw really good reviews by other users, so I tapped on download. And oh my, it was really good.

 Interface of Relax Completely App
The interface of the app looked like this. When it comes to things like apps, I'm quite superficial. But then again, you're doing hypnosis/ relaxing, so you won't be looking at your phone much during the process but at the back of your eyelids. So... who really cares whether it's ugly or not as long as it works! You have to download a pretty huge audio file which takes about 3 minutes with my pathetic Singtel wifi speed, After which, get yourself into a comfy position (ie. your usual sleeping position) in a quiet, dark room and then play the audio file!

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I've always had this irrational fear of hypnosis. Like... do you go into a trance? Can you wake up in time? What happens if someone interrupts halfway - do you die?! Okay that was a bit of an exaggeration, but it feels like a super comfortable, assisted meditation to ease you into sleep. I had an extremely restful and deep sleep and woke up feeling really refreshed and my brain felt like it received a long-awaited rejuvenation. Always had the trouble of sleeping? Try this for a change tonight. 

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