La Piazza, Cannes

Zipping down the train route from Monaco, we arrived in Cannes. It feels unbelievably surreal to be in Cannes, the host of the largest film festival in the world every year. As compared to Nice,  Cannes feels slightly more disorganized, laidback, casual and everyone seems perpetually on holiday! After all, its main attraction is the endless stretch of beach resorts, yachts, and carnivals. In this post, I'll be showing you the only meal we had in Cannes - La Piazza.

Two Salmons Fettucinis: MINE, ALL MINE
Spaghettis Carbonara

Is it ironic that we are having Italian food in France? A little, but all irony faded when I tried the dishes. I was warned against dining in Europe because I would no longer be mildly impressed by any pasta back in Singapore anymore. Indeed... it was so good.  The pasta sauces were all so luxurious with flavour without being overpowering... bring me back there right now! >;( Each dish serving is prepared to feed one big hungry man... we could hardly finish it and I wished I could hide it in my luggage to bring it back to Singapore. Pictures of Cannes coming up soon, when I get over procrastination of my travelogues!

La Piazza
9 Place Bernard Cornut Gentille
06400 Cannes, France

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