Monaco's rainy beauty

Monaco was a picture of rain when we arrived but nothing some umbrellas and happy moods can't solve... onto exploring Monaco we went! This city has a lot of slopes and it was quite a hike, but the beautiful sceneries especially of the Mediterranean Sea and gorgeous historical architecture made for great motivation to keep walking around.

We were greeted by the huge cavern-like underground station of Monaco Monte-Carlo station as we arrived from Nice! What a lovely welcome after a panoramic train ride and there was more to come.

A duck was randomly frolicking in the grass!

The Casino de Monte Carlo was crazily packed with people even at the entrance, and the whole city was crawling with luxury cars and women dressed to the nines. The security guards looked very stern and had the look to turn away visitors that are not there for gambling.

We went past Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo which was featured in a lot of movies including Iron Man 2.

Arrive by helicopter if you want to travel Monaco in style.

Say hello to the Seagull! It stood there for quite sometime without flying off even though there were a few people snapping shots of it. We were really close to Italy - it's in the background! Quite cool, huh?

A photo with Adam & Eve... heh heh heh.

Flowers were in full bloom everywhere and this was the prettiest shot!

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