One Wipe, All Gone

I think it's no secret that I'm a big fan of Nivea products for their whitening functions. If you want to know what products I use to keep my skin fair, the only whitening and moisturizing products I use are those of the Nivea range. Of course, bringing the umbrella out and using sunscreen are two important tips as well! When I know about Nivea's daily essentials gentle facial cleansing wipes, I know I was going to love it as well. But nothing beats trying it out and finding out if it is true!

As compared to the micellar water as a makeup remover, cleansing wipes are crucial for your traveling needs, especially if you don't always get the comforts of a hotel room when you're on the go! Switching around cotton pads, bottled cleansing water, or cleansers isn't the most fun thing to do after traveling the whole day. Or even after a full day of activities back in Singapore, lying on the bed and cleaning my face is such a luxury (cue: Lazy Song) - as opposed to bending over a sink and letting water splatter all over.

This is my pre-cleansing face after the whole day out... caked with makeup, dying to be wiped off and get ready for bed!

It's easy to pull one sheet from the pack without disturbing the rest of the flock. Reseal with the sticker to maintain its moisture.

Not sure why I was laughing so happily when I was using the cleansing wipes, but yeah, it makes the winding-down-face-cleansing session at the end of the day much more convenient and relaxing. Normally I would probably be doing this while I'm watching Youtube videos... or eating desserts. No more annoying accidental water slipping into my eyes during cleansing time.

Not the most artistic result, but all my makeup gone - and barefaced, happy and clean!

Post-cleansing with Nivea's daily essentials gentle facial cleansing wipes: The results are very clean, considering you can reach to the delicate eye areas with the contours of your own fingers. I didn't even use one entire wipe even though my makeup is quite thick by my standards. It's not sticky at all, moisturizing effects are not exceptional but adequate. It's not meant to be a be-all-end-all, you would still need your usual moisturizer. It does leaves my skin feeling supple soft and as good as a usual cleanser and water wash. I would probably only use this for my travel needs because it doesn't seem too environmentally-or-wallet friendly to use it on a daily basis. Well, anyhow... it's good for me!

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