we want sugar Singapore app: Life's sweeter when everything's discounted!

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The thing is... I'm stuck at home during reading week but I still managed to find a gem of an app in we want sugar Singapore! (Why is it that I keep doing app reviews...?) There are plenty of price slashes and cost savings waiting for you - are your eyes flashing yet?! You don't want to miss this:

The more people who knows about we want sugar... the lower the prices.
'Skimming' is a function that means hitting a button to reduce the price by 20 or 50 cents. You can only skim each item once per day. Get your friends to skim the item and bring prices down fast to its lowest possible price and then get it before it's gone. Did I mention I love the analogies of how they call it dissolving sugar when the deal is no longer valid?
Photo credits: Seasons Bistro Singapore
Unbelievable discounts.
Right now as I'm typing...
  • Truffle fries from Roundhouse Pizza is going at $6 (U.P $12)
  • Tiger Radler from The Fat Cat is going at $4.20 (U.P $8)
  • Yogurt Parfait from Yogurberry at NUS going at $2.80 (U.P $6.90)
  • Coconut Kueh & Ice Cream from Old Habits Cafe going at $1.40 (U.P $6.50) 
  • Tantalizing Tuna Taco from Seasons Bistro going at $8.80 (U.P $16) - pictured above!
And they haven't even reached their lowest price yet. There are so many more - I'm lost in an endless scroll and I haven't even reached the bottom yet - it's crazy.
$30 credits now if you download.
Not an advertorial/sponsored, just sharing good things with you - yes, $30 credits on top of these smashing great discounts! Let'z bring those prices down yo.

About we want sugar: your city, only sweeter
we want sugar is a very new in the market - born six years ago in London and expanding globally... and now it's in Singapore! sugar encourages discovery by making new experiences more accessible, giving users little incentives to try out restaurants, cafes, lifestyle outlets around town! Everyday you get fresh sugar dosages from the team... life's only getting sweeter.

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  1. It's a great app... The discounts offered are unbelievable! Superawesome!

  2. Wow! This is such a cool app! I can't wait for them to reach the Philippines and I would try this myself. Thanks for sharing! Now I have another app to look forward to :)

  3. Wow! Awesome blog post! I will try this in Singapore too if I go there someday.

  4. I'm not particularly sure whether this has come to the Philippines, but such is an interesting app. My entrepreneurial mind got busy with the idea. Haha will have to wait for this to be at work here in our country. :D

  5. i don't really understand how the skimming works but i'm going to download the app and find out for myself! thanks for sharing!

  6. This app could save you a lot. The $10 is a great enticement as you can buy a lot with $10.

  7. So many discount apps popping up in Singapore... The Entertainer app was another one. But somehow, it will die down sooner or later... Some just never manage to survive

  8. Life's indeed sweeter when everything's discounted! Very cool and saccharine-y app:) I wish it reaches our country.

    JeniG Kalikotpepot

  9. Hmmm I wonder if this one is already here in the Philippines. Looks like a great app to have on my device!

  10. This app looks really useful! hopefully it does manage to give great deals all the time

  11. Wow! What were you able to avail? The idea is quite clever. You get a lot of people to buy the product. The brand gets more revenues while you get more discount. It is a win-win.

  12. New kind of promoting products online, and the apps seems helpful for your needs.

  13. I met the founders not long ago at an event and they're awesome people. Good luck with Sugar!

    1. It's a great product, I'm enjoying it! :) I think the personalities of the founders shine through their product.


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