5 Comments People with A "Common Face" Receive

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Resting bitch face, resting nice face... then we have common faces which unfortunately, I think I fall under based on the number of random comments that I've been receiving from friends and strangers. I always feel more amused and less offended when it happens... and a little curious, because I'm increasingly convinced I have some twin double out there.

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1. Hey, I saw you at [inserts name of place that I haven't been to]!
If it happens once or twice, it is perhaps coincidental. When this comment happens multiple times, it also makes me wonder if my body practices sleepwalking or wandering as a side hobby that I'm not privy to.

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2. You look like my friend.
Oh, I get this too often, perhaps as a conversation starter to draw me in closer. It's quite interesting how I would get this quite a bit, and then me and said friend would scroll through pictures to ascertain which part of my face looks like the other her.

I hope my twin double never becomes a wanted criminal.
3. A random user tag on my Instagram photo.
It gets a little unnerving when this happens - just a user tag and no other comments. Then when I click in, I get it. I'm staring right into the face of someone who looks somewhat like me. I can see the resemblance... ... but no.

4. You look like [insert celebrity name].
Thank you... :) Such high compliments are encouraging but everyone probably has their own celebrity lookalike anyway. I supposedly resemble Yvonne Lim, Joe Chen (or rather, Chen Xinyi, her role in Fated to Love You) and more recently, Carrie Wong (Are you Di Shen's sister?). They also politely omitted how I'm the less-attractive version, but we all know that's a fact... such white lies. But I'll still accept them. Haw haw haw.

Because we all kinda have two eyes, a nose, and a mouth.
5. Eh, you... [trails off] Sorry, wrong person.
Hello, I look like your friend, right. I know. This happens to me all the time.
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