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Zaffron Kitchen is a name that I've always heard of but never really paid much notice because it's not your conventional kind of restaurant, but I've decided that non-mainstream restaurants actually snuggles a whole lot of surprises in there. That's my experience in Zaffron Kitchen - welcoming and markedly great food that hits all the right tones. The warm hues from the lighting also remind me of a cozy home with a fireplace - and you can imagine a billowing snowstorm right outside for the complete Christmas feel. That's right - I'm introducing Zaffron Kitchen's Christmas Set in this post.  Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, don't go away yet because it's a really value-for-money good deal and you can just go and stuff your faces with an awesome line-up of dishes!

Zaffron Kitchen serves North and South Indian cuisine, presented in a slightly contemporary style. Diners can expect favaurites like classic butter chicken, old-time tandoori grill to Dosai and Roti. They have two branches: one at Westgate and the other at East Coast Road. For this year's Christmas, Zaffron Kitchen's award-winning head chef Satish Madaan whips up an unconventional pairing of Christmas favorites with Indian spices. His accolades span far and wide including experience with working with five-star hotel chains like The Oberoi Group of Hotels (Google images for jaw-dropping luxurious images) and a gold medal in the FHA Culinary Challenge - a prestigious international culinary competition. He commands a lot of respect in his professional field, and I feel completely honoured to try the dishes that he prepared. Although it's impossible for him to do everything, he visits Zaffron Kitchen outlets weekly to ensure that the highest quality is maintained.
Their Christmas Festive Menu goes at $35 per pax, which is great value considering what you'll be enjoying: Butter Nut Squash Soup, Entree (choose betweeen Shahi Turkey Biryani or Tandoori Turkey Set), Dessert (choose between Blueberry Chocolate Sliced Cake or Masala Bread and Butter Pudding). 

We didn't get to try the Butter Nut Squash Soup but instead we had the Cream of Mushroom Soup and Roasted Pumpkin Soup which were excellent. Mushroom soups are my favourite wherever I go and the one I'd pick for a safe choice, and this performed up to expectations with a fresh, thick blend of finely diced mushrooms, with a perfectly toned amount of milk. The pumpkin soup was surprisingly great as well - I must say I have never been a fan of pumpkins unless they are executed very well - and this had got me slurping spoon after spoon. I would expect the butter nut squash soup to be equally, if not even better.

Papadum is also a must-have if you want to immerse yourself in the experience of Indian cuisine. if you are one that can't take spiciness (like me), you can have the regular papadum which is a crispy wafer-thin crackers that kind of reminded me of keropok. The rolled-up ones are the black peppercorn papadum - for those who absolutely live and breathe for spicy food! 

The first entree choice: The Tandoori Turkey Set is quite a huge portion - it serves one. But you know, Christmas meals are all about feasting and indulging yourself in the amazing food and this does exactly that for you. It comes with a flavourful fragrant raisin pilaf which gently pamper your tastebuds to pair with the deeply-flavoured, chewy turkey slices chestnut fillings and herb vegetables. The apple sauce deserves an honour mention too as it did wonders to elevate the whole dish with its sweet and sour tones that really whet the appetite!

The second entree is the Shahi Turkey Biryani which came as an impressive aromatic huge serving. Ta-da - there is more that meets the eye in this dish as you pry open its delicious secrets packed inside the folds - turkey breast cubes marinated with yoghurt and freshly ground spices amidst biryani rice. The basmati biryani rice was very tasty which everyone enjoyed very much, though it proved to be quite spicy after a few bites. It is spiced with garam masala and cooked in sealed pots as pictured above to lock in the moisture and taste.

For desserts, you get to choose between the Blueberry Chocolate Sliced Cake and Masala Bread and Butter Pudding! I would gamely love to have both though - they were both so delicious and well-executed. For a more creamy and pastry sort of dessert, go for the bread and butter pudding. For a more conventional safe choice, the chocolate sliced cake was perfectly done too with every chocolatey bite that isn't too sweet. If you are undecided and are looking for a suggestion, I loved the bread and butter pudding a little bit more - I personally would go for that.

If you feel like you can't do Christmas without turkey, there is also the option of ordering an Oven Roasted Tandoori Masala Turkey ($69 for the whole turkey). Their turkey is roasted with herbs potato, brussel sprouts and carrots, accompanied with chestnut stuffing, masala cranberry sauce and caramelized onion and herbs sauce. We tried the turkey stuffings as well, which was beautiful. Every bite was this sinful fatty goodness and you can actually taste the chestnuts accents... it's so delicate and delicious, I secretly wanted a second serving and couldn't bear to finish it!

Some of the other dishes that Zaffron Kitchen has under its extensive menu include the Butter Chicken which is a hot favourite of Zaffron Kitchen's regular customers. This should be the first on your list if you're planning to dine here ala carte! ;)

 I also made new friends with Rina who was seated beside me, as well as the lovely hosts of the night: Stacey and Marie from Icon Group Communications.

A picture with the Head Chef Satish Madaan - MVP of the night! The Christmas Set Menu is available at both outlets - Westgate and East Coast Road. However, if you're coming along with children, it would be more suitable to go to the East Coast Road outlet as they have a Children's Corner.

Zaffron Kitchen
135/137 East Coast Road
Singapore 428820

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