All the Christmas Feels at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Like slurping on warm soup on a wintry cold night, Christmas gives me all the warm fuzzy feels.. with its grand feasts, songs, and of course, chocolate. It's the time of the year that chocolate is not only legal for any diet, but necessary! How can you spend this season without any? I chanced upon Laurent Bernard Chocolatier's Christmas chocolate display in their little glass cold room, which was brought degrees down to maintain their confectioneries' freshness. 

I'm sharing this because their chocolate bars and selections are all so exquisitely fresh and delicate, plus it's Christmas-themed... you can safely escape the accusation of re-gifting. A great idea for your last minute Christmas shopping, right? One look at the perfectly made chocolate squares and I feel like popping them into my mouth already. Altogether, they look like a very delicious keyboard too.

That aside, the Christmas chocolate display wasn't the original reason for stepping into this lovely little chocolate boutique. It was a very fine distraction, but in face of the Guanaja Chocolate Souffle, there is only one thing to do.

Take photos first before digging in frantically! With the three individual items splayed out in neat array, we have the star of Laurent Bernard's chocolate desserts on our table! Though I do not actively seek out for chocolate souffles, this one has sparked my interest to chase after them wherever I go now. Its moist decadence and chocolatey richness was so addictive, I could hardly put down my spoon. It is really good enough on its own. But pairing it with a creamy, smooth vanilla ice-cream kept form in an icy dish only means one thing: the familiar mix of warm chocolate hits refreshingly cool vanilla ice-cream of a lot of desserts out there. Except you know, Laurent Bernard Chocolatier would do it better because this is essentially their field of expertise. Its hefty price tag of $18 would probably make me think twice before indulging in it again.. perhaps just on special occasions. 

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
The Pier at Robertson
80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-11
Singapore 239013

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