Enroute to Paris: Back to Nice City

We were back in the heart of Nice city for a little farewell lunch and a final tour around this gorgeous place, enroute to Paris by the Gare De Nice Ville SNCF train. Revisiting the city for a second time felt different from the first time, because somehow I felt less thrilled about just about everything and anything, and began to experience touring in a more collected way.

We came from the other side of the city this time, and realized that the SNCF train station actually lies at the end of this long stretch of road that we didn't manage to cover that time! The fountains and Place Massena can be found at the other end.

Chez Rene Socca: We were introduced to socca, a specialty from the Nice town itself (pictured in the above image). It is an unleavened pancake/crepe-like dish that is made from chick pea flour and olive oil. It's really flat, savoury and quite filling. There isn't much bite to it, but it's still an interesting try that locals recommend! Dining in the summer outside isn't uncomfortable for a Singaporean like me because I'm used to such temperatures (without the humidity - it's such a blessing), but I would expect people who are used to air-conditioner temperatures to feel the heat.. literally! But I loved the authentic experience just people-watching as we feast on a spread for lunch. We were also sitting shoulder to shoulder and the whole street food feeling is pretty rare for a city girl like me.

I know I'm going to miss Fenocchio a whole lot and we went for a second round anyway. Ice-cream is never enough.

I discovered this gem of a photo while I was sorting through this day's photos... I know, slow, right? But this captures the colours and the whole summer atmosphere at Nice so well. The waters are also so inviting... I wished I knew how to swim and had the time to jump in. But it's okay, because fate brought us to meet...

David Zincke, an up-and-rising music star shooting his music video for his new single, Oh My! He roped us in to shoot some scenes for his music video but didn't promise to feature us... okay, we still did it for the fun of it! It was quite a memorable part of our journey as the whole invitation was so impromptu. His crew got us to do silly and random actions in front of their video recorders. As usual I felt awkward but well, at the spur of the moment I just wanted to join in too! That was me signing some kind of indemnity form which I didn't really read through. I also embedded his music video that we had the potential of appearing in below... it is still a really catchy tune and I'm sure it's going to stick in your head for a while. ;)

Thereafter we went on our way to continue walking around the city and towards the train station again. At the train station, I had a mini scare of almost-losing my passport... I searched everywhere in my travel bag where I was extremely sure I stuffed it in, but it was nowhere to be found. Honestly I had no idea when I lost it as I was always feeling for it to ensure it's around. I was almost close to pouring everything out and rummaging through my luggage in the middle of the train station because I didn't want to leave Nice without knowing where my passport was (and leave it in Nice..? Nooo!). I was totally panicking but trying to keep my composure at the same time. But all was well when I found my passport with the mother. -Insert my unimpressed and yet relieved face- That felt like the premonition of the many little unfortunate events that happened in Paris... follow my adventures as I attempt to speed up my speed of posting my travelogue in France/London! Meanwhile, let's enjoy some photos that I took on the train enroute to Paris... 

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