Go Cashless with Sugar App... review at CRAFT Bakery & Cafe

There was only one reason why I entered CRAFT Bakery & Cafe... to try out the new Sugar app on my phone. It is one of those cafes that I found appearing to lack a character, it just looked very normal and a little dull. I guess I've been too pampered by fancy hipster cafes which haul bicycles onto tables. Oh well, but anyway I was curious about the functionality of the app so I did not care less about the frills, so I entered eagerly with a phone at hand, with $10 credits which I received upon my sign-up.

Photo credits: CRAFT Bakery & Cafe Facebook
The Craft Sandwich was going at $9.60 on the Sugar app after I skimmed it, which was quite perfect for the credits I had stored inside my phone. For the post introducing the Sugar app, click here. The process of using the app was actually quite similar to using the taxi apps - very fuss-free and totally cashless. The Craft Sandwich's sugar immediately dissolved too, which made me realize that there's only one offer available to be claimed until they renew it again. However, after I finished buying the Craft Sandwich, I only had $0.40 left in my credits which meant I needed to top up my Sugar account. To be honest, that makes me very reluctant to use it again because I feel like the money stored in that account could potentially be left untouched for a long while and maybe even forgotten. If there was a way to use credits straight from my credit card without topping up, I'll feel a greater incentive to use the app.

Back to the Craft Sandwich since this is supposed to be a food review as well: It was more like a waffle stuffed with bacon and salad. Cutting it was quite a challenge, and my fork met the plate more often than desired with violent clangs. Having said that, the waffle was quite crispy and the bacon was also not too tough to bite. The salad was surprisingly quite fresh and enjoyable though I still don't like vegetables. It was overall decent but nothing spectacular. I wished they could have a more exciting dish on the app to entice people for a second visit.

CRAFT Bakery & Cafe
Holland Village
24A Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277683

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