Hands Reveal Our Age

If you want to accurately gauge a woman's age (men hide theirs better), don't look at her face, but check out her neck or her hands. No amount of botox on the face can beguile knowing eyes; hands are the ones that betray how old we are as they are the most easily battered and neglected, yet exposed part of our body. They deserve better care! Somehow I have amassed quite a lot of hand creams but I have to admit that I haven't been exactly hardworking at using them... why? Do you use hand creams? Do they make a difference? In this post, I will be showing you some of my favourite hand creams that I love using when I am feeling a little more in the mood to pamper my hands.

1. For extra-nourishment: Sense of Care Lavender Shea Butter Hand Cream
A little superficial, yes, but I really love this hand cream because of its super cute packaging. You have to agree with me right? The best part about this hand cream is that it feels the most nourishing among all my hand creams, with a thick, smooth consistency that is characteristic of shea butter. It provides great hydration and also a beautiful lavender lingering fragrance that is very uplifting. It is also paraben-free which makes moisturizing extra effective. Recommended for travellers going to colder climates and need something easy to pack, effective and cute!
Fragrance: ****/ Moisturizing: *****/ Texture: *****

2. For an immediate relief: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, Fragrance Free
I don't use this on a frequent basis, but only when my hands are in need of a quick fix in dry or cold climates, especially on the fingertips. Inspired by Norwegian fishermen who needed really potent hand creams to protect their hands in harsh weathers, this formula includes concentrated levels of glycerin for immediate and lasting relief. Its texture is clear, light, and yet spreads out very well. Recommended for people with more vulnerable hands and need an extra boost of moisture.
Fragrance: No fragrance/ Moisturizing: *******/ Texture: ****

3. For a long-term hand treatment: ORIGINS Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment
The latest addition to my collection is this hand cream treatment in a sleek, minimalist mint-packaging. The ORIGINS hand treatment is a great treat every weekend to give those overworked hands. It has a less thick consistency as compared to the Sense of Care hand cream, and also less oily as it is not made of shea butter. There is a silky afterfeel that is very comfortable. There is this fruity (apricot-like) fragrance with a herbal touch which reminds me of countrysides, baby blooms and late afternoons. Other helpful ingredients include oceanic flora that repairs UV damage, scutellaria extract to even out skin tone and Meadowfoam Seed Oil that lavishes hands that have it rough with long-lasting smoothness.
Fragrance: ****/ Moisturizing: *****/ Texture: ****
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4. For daily moisturizing: Papoutsanis Olivia Hand Cream
The oldest of the lot, this hand cream is not too consistent nor thick, but it spreads over a surface very easily and feels nourishing enough for daily usage. It has a very common, synthetic fragrance of drugstore beauty products which I don't necessarily enjoy but it's fine to have. Not my favourite but I'm using it for my elbows which are easily neglected too.
Fragrance: **/ Moisturizing: ****/ Texture: ***

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