More Than Okay Cannes and Fireworks Festival

You'd probably heard of Cannes as the city that hosts the most famous film festival in the world. It is also the next destination on our itinerary. To reach Cannes, we took a direct train from our previous stop, Monaco Monte Carlo, which took us about one hour. The scenery that we saw on the train was really beautiful as the train snaked around the French Riveria coastline, especially so because the sun rays of late afternoons are especially gentle.

Anything in excess can get a little tiring, even breathtaking sceneries. I look quite tired here because we were hyperactive back in Monaco and the energy level was beginning to dwindle on the train. #sleepy

And then we reached Cannes! The architecture here reminds me of Nice quite a bit, except that it has a lovely backdrop of yachts which gives it a slightly more posh feeling.

Did I just spot a supermodel? She was walking briskly past and I pretended to take a photo of the surroundings... but she was so tall in real life, she probably didn't even notice me.

The whole place looked like a giant resort as everyone were in this merrymaking mood that you can just feel in the atmosphere. We were looking for a dinner place to placate the grumbling stomachs and we soon found La Piazza. By the time we were done with our meals, the sky has quickly darkened to a velvety black and the city was set ablaze with lights.

The streets were actually semi-crowded with people and we meandered our way through to reach the beach where the Festival d'Art Pyrotechnique de Cannes was happening! I love fireworks and was very excited about seeing a festival dedicated to a lot of designer firework shows. If you are interested in seeing the amazingly choreographed fireworks, this is the video showing that is the exact one I watched! I didn't film this. I really loved it because the music chosen complemented all the unique colours and shapes the fireworks appeared in... one of my favourite songs was used too, much to my surprise (Hallelujah at 24:00). I felt so humbled under the sky of enchanting pyrotechnics and it was a night to remember... even watching this video right now brings back so much memories.

If ever you can coordinate your holiday plans with the festival, you should totally go for this. It's technically free because the fireworks are fired pretty high up into the air, but there's no chairs so be prepared to stand for about 20 minutes. Time passes much faster than you think while watching fireworks so it's of little concern. Pictures:

That's the end of the day at Cannes... till the next time!

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