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Guess what I'm up to these days? Dressing my little baby up in my favourite colour for techie things (yes, chrome yellow) and also personalizing it with a characteristically-me decal of my name. Aha, now everyone can identify my phone from the other phones with the same casing. You can get a decal with your personalized names, hipster quotes, shapes and pictures with White Tulip Decal to paste on your phones, laptops/Macbooks/doors... the possibilities stretch as far as your imagination can go! Look out for the promotion code you can use for discounts when you checkout at White Tulip Decal:

White Tulip Decal's products: wall decals
White Tulip Decal offers wall decals made of imported removable vinyl from Germany that are black and matte. I would consider these decals quite affordable at less than $19 each (price varies). Due for a room makeover? This will definitely make a lot of difference as compared to the usual Ikea furniture you are hauling in. Find more designs here.

White Tulip Decal's products: phone/laptop decals
The prices of phone decals are even more attractive at only $2.50 or $3 each depending on the font you choose! You can even gift multiple friends to surprise them with this beautiful decal of their name. Check out the whole list of fonts here.

Besides the hipster quotes of wall decals already available in their lookbook on their website, you can even design a decal and send it to the White Tulip Decal team. This ensures the decal you have is one of a kind! You can always seek for ideas on Pinterest, Tumblr, or WeHeartIt - find the image that best fits your room's theme instead of a generic decal in an average store. Link to submit your design here.

If you're interested in getting these decals, you're in luck: first 100 redeemers of the code "AmieHu10" will get a 10% off all products on White Tulip Decal from 26 December 2014 to 18 January 2015.

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