Third Trip Lucky to Sunday Folks

Perseverance is a virtue, and so I'm going to (in)directly compliment myself for actually trying to go to Sunday Folks for three times before successfully earning a table in this highly coveted ice-cream and waffles cafe. Moral of the story: don't bother going if you're thinking of dropping by anytime after 8pm because the queue will be too long. Perhaps at least in the near future. Now that we've gotten in after valiant efforts, let's find out if this superhyped waffle-ice-cream is really that good!

I'm going straight down to comparing it with Creamier which has a strikingly similar concept with Sunday Folks. You can think of Sunday Folks as the more exuberant cousin of Creamier, located at a fancier neighbourhood flanked by The Butcher and Bistro Petit Salut (versus good ol' heartland Toa Payoh). The interior is a hybrid between the elegance of Artisan Boulangerie Co. and grungy look of most underfurnished hipster cafes. Let's get down to the waffles: A petit waffle (ie. one) with ice-cream goes at $8.80. The popular Instagram vote for the ice-cream flavour is pistachio, so pistachio it is. 

Sunday Folks' signature waffles come with a definitely fancier presentation with photogenic fruits and the beautiful twirl of my pistachio ice-cream, but beyond the presentation I would have to say I preferred Creamier's, or Wimbly Lu's. The pistachio ice-cream was way too sweet than I would prefer even though there were nicely roasted pistachio bits to enjoy. The waffles were similar to Creamier's standard - well, sister branches - Sunday Folks's held up better and did not turn soggy as fast as Creamier's., and is similarly more of the crispy sort. Overall, I would say Creamier is crammier and less fancy but go for its better deal. In fact, if you aren't in the mood for waffles but just drooling for ice-cream, Daily Scoop serves a wider variety - and you don't have to wait for a seat. Overhyped? Slightly, But it's not too bad, but definitely not over-the-top "excellent" or "best".

Sunday Folks
Chip Bee Garden
44 Jalan Merah Saga #01-52
Singapore 278116

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