11 Pieces of Advice I Wished Someone Would Tell Me When I Was Younger

1. It's okay to say you don't know about something.
Don't fake it till you make it if you can't fake it well. It's often more respectable to admit that you don't know and is willing to learn, than to be exposed as a pretentious prick.

2. There are certain pains, enjoyments, and fulfilments in life.
Feel all of them thoroughly. Don't shun away from pain, shame or fear. It's what makes us human.

3. Listen to music whenever I travel. 
They bring back memories faster than a freight train and make experiences more acute. 稻香 reminds me of the first bus ride I took in Taipei. Boom Clap reminds me of the time in transit at Charles de Gaulle Airport. 我无所谓 reminds me when I left Paris for Singapore. I wished I had more of such songs in my playlist, to do a little soul-wandering whenever I need a getaway.

4. Never be nice to someone only when you need something from him/her.
Always feel guilty when you do.. it's very unbecoming.

5. People always want what they can't have.
Sometimes, it gets irrational.

6. Emotions only accumulate and become sharper as you get older - loneliness, happiness, amazement.
Your heart, like your brain, is an infinite sponge. It just keeps absorbing.. absorbing..

7. Everyone has a heart of gold and is really trying the best they can - but only towards the people and things they want to.

8. Those who matter won't mind, those who mind won't matter.
Cliche but gold, and a keeper for your sanity.

9. The closer you are to the Truth, the stranger it becomes.
Precisely because it really doesn't exist.

10. Count your blessings.

11. Make goals, and make them count.


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