Day One in London: Things to do at Borough Market

Borough Market was our next stop after The National Gallery because we were really hungry for some very late lunch at almost three in the afternoon. We spent too much time at the gallery because we were too captivated by the paintings in there... and battling public transport in London is pretty insane too because of the crowds, but also because everything was so foreign to us. Borough Market, among the many other markets, is definitely one of the must-go attractions to experience in London with so much to immerse yourself in.

Itinerary for Day One in London

2. Borough Market
3. Cutty Sark (Greenwich)

1. Be dazzled by the variety provided by this massive food market.
The first few minutes of being in Borough Market was slightly intimidating and astounding... Thought number one: it was very crowded. Thought number two: I was quite short so I couldn't really see an overview of the place but just stalls after stalls. Thought number three: There is a lot of things to see. Although it was quite squeezy, everyone was still polite and orderly as they mill about the whole area to browse the stalls. There are a lot of very fresh produce, breads, honey in one area of the market, as well as ready-to-eat food on the other side. This is perfect for locals who are living nearby and want to buy some ingredients for a cookout at home, as well as tourists who want to settle their lunch here like what we did.

2. Stuff yourself silly.
We grabbed the super famous Roast-To-Go's pork belly sandwich. There is no dilemma to say this: this pork belly (sandwich) is definitely the best I've eaten, It's unlike no other and it's really excellently marinated and the texture is wonderfully managed. I couldn't get enough of this. Go for this or you will regret!
La Tua Pasta has an amazing spread of tortellini of many different flavours that you can choose from. We tried the white truffle tortellini and it was a little overwhelming after a while. If you don't like the wafts of truffle oil in great intensity, this won't appeal too much to you but I love this because I become indiscriminately easy to satisfy with truffle oil. There are other flavours that are awesome too, I promise! They let you try before you buy the whole box, which is fantastic because you won't be stuck with something you hate. They are really persuasive though, so be prepared!
One of the other things that you won't miss seeing or smelling (!) is the seafood paella, which we didn't really try because we're quite stuffed by then.

3. Sip on the white sangria
Try as I might, I couldn't resist the white sangria that was on sale like that. I see someone carrying this bubbly every few steps and I had to have it as well! It's a very welcomed change given that it was quite warm squeezing around the market and well... I love how fruity and carbonated it tastes. It has a little alcohol rush but not too much, which gave me an instant mood boost too.

4. Shopping for vegetables/ fishes/ fruits
If you'd fancy. My parents were in wonderland as they gushed about how fresh the fruits were, and they are the experts at wet-marketing so yes, if they say it's good I'd believe so.

5. Getting a coffee at Monmouth which was next to Borough Market
I have to say this is one of my regrets, but the whole coffeehouse was stuffed to the brim with people, it was not wise to queue at least a good hour or two for that... maybe next time. I'm coming back for you!

6. Buying truffle oils and spices.
They have so many available that you can even try on the spot before buying! Those who love cooking will find this extremely relevant - time to stock up on your kitchen supplies with Borough Market's finest ingredients. 
Itinerary for Day One in London

2. Borough Market
3. Cutty Sark (Greenwich)

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