Day One in London: Cutty Sark (Greenwich)

"Ships are safe in the harbour, but that's not what they are meant for." Not really, they are good for taking photographs with too! Cutty Sark provides really very beautiful marine-themed landscapes, especially with the Cutty Sark British clipper ship docking at the side. It is very relaxing to take a stroll and enjoy sea breezes here... what's more, we took the underground tube from London and changed to the DLR trains which run on tracks above ground. It took us about 20 minutes from the central city to reach the heart of Greenwich, and gave insights to a different mode of transport as well.

Itinerary for Day One in London

From the Cutty Sark train station, there is a very short five minutes walk to make before you'll see the majestic ship which is the central highlight of the place! It has a very quaint and cheerful feeling buzzing around, and also well-equipped with a super-mart nearby in case you need a quick food/drink refill. They have pristine '100% real coconut water' in a carton that tastes amazingly refreshing (as much as it does not taste pure). We did not get to visit the famous Greenwich Meridian line because it was getting late, but you should definitely go if you can. It's super cool to stand right in the middle of the two hemispheres which astronomers have mapped out years ago. Cutty Sark is close enough but nothing beats the real thing. There is a Royal Observatory Greenwich there to visit if you're going which is London's one and only planetarium.

Important notes for the travelers
- Entrance fees to Royal Observatory Greenwich: 8.50 Pounds for Adults, 4 Pounds for Children (aged 5-16), Free for children under 5 
- Opening hours for Royal Observatory Greenwich: Everyday, 10am - 5pm

Here are some pictures with the ship museum. :) The Cutty Sark is a tea clipper ship that is held in high regard in the British maritime industry and now converted into a museum for visiting in 2012. This beautiful structure is one of the landmarks for important events like London marathons and theatre venues for concerts.

Important notes for the travelers
- Entrance fees to Cutty Sark Museum: 13.50 Pounds for Adults, 7 Pounds for Children (aged 5-16), Free for children under 5 

- Opening hours for Cutty Sark Museum: Everyday, 10am - 5pm

- Closed on 24/25/26 December, close early on 31 December, open late on 1 January.

Understatement alert: the sunset at Cutty Sark is very gorgeous. I was divided between capturing all the colours in picture or just be mesmerized by the watercolour sky wash itself into black... I chose the latter after a while because it's really the memories that stick with me for life after all. Cutty Sark rests directly at a prominent bend of River Thames; all her visitors get to view the spectacular skyline of London from a quieter vantage point.

Nightfall was creeping upon us and we decided to turn back to have dinner in London central city, somewhere in Chinatown because we were all craving for rice. So Asian, right?! But proud to be so... till the next time!

Itinerary for Day One in London

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