Media Invite: Squash (Juices. Salads. Wraps)

Science and technology has not yet progressed to a point when we can replace our entire bodies when they malfunction. Till then, we should take better care of our health beginning with the food that we eat. Besides introducing all the delicious and sinful food to you, here's a guilt-free option that still retain great flavours and tastes in its menu options from Squash: Juices, Salads, Wraps.

Not all juices are created equal.
I like how this one-month-old shop's name is self-explanatory and easy to remember. But what you may not know is their slogan "not all juices are created equal". I draw attention to their slogan because their juices are freshly cold pressed juices to retain the most functional nutritional values. While we know that packet juices are definitely all sugar, synthetic and only thirst-quenching, we learnt from the juice gurus that hawker fruit juices are also nothing more than real fruit taste but nearly zero nutrients with their rudimentary blenders. Cold pressed juices from Squash are also careful concoctions of different fruits, herbs and vegetables to ensure that they are delightful in complementary tastes and high in nutritional value that is required by different organs in our bodies. With zero preservatives and anything other than the fruits/berries/vegetables/herbs, these bottled juices are to be consumed within 2 days. Even the owners from Squash themselves drink these juices!

The team behind these Squash juices
These juices are cold-pressed and packaged in their open-concept kitchen at the basement of The Central (Clarke Quay). The team behind Squash comprises of passionate and health-conscious individuals who are well-versed in food science management and nutrition dietary information. Squash's founder, Allan Foo, has personally experienced the fineness of rebooting his body back into health through a juice diet and is inspired towards sharing his secret to health with everyone.

A myriad of Squash power juices
Amazing Trio: Apple, Carrot, Orange
Hydrate: Coconut water, Cucumber, Watermelon, Kalamansi
Awake: Apple, Pineapple, Ginger, Cinnamon
Vita Max: Apple, Beetroot, Carrot, Celery, Orange
Purity: Pear, Honeydew, Cucumber, Kale, Lemon, Ginger
Antioxidant: Apple, Pear, Mix Berries, Pomegranate

They currently have 6 different juice flavours, though they are always constantly innovating different juice flavours! I've tried all the juices and I must say that I'm impressed by how the proportion of the ingredients is very well managed and none of the ingredients is particularly overpowering. Much to my delight, all these juices are concentrated, pulpy, not overly sweet, and very pleasant to drink. I seriously love the fruit pulp in juice which makes it more satisfying to drink! As they say, not all juices are created equal and some are obviously easier on the palate than others. In accordance to my preferences: Awake, Amazing Trio, Antioxidant, Vita Max, Hydrate, Purity.
For a complete 3-day or 5-day juice diet, you need to drink 5 bottles a day. While it may seem crazy to drink only pure juices for 3 days straight (wouldn't I be hungry?!), Mr Allan Foo who has personally tried it revealed that it has improved his health, weight loss and he felt more alert and energized during his juice cleanse process. The fibers and pulp that have been retained by the gentler cold-pressed method of juicing would contribute to the feeling of 'fullness'. Their juices are going at $7/bottle (except for the Antioxidant one which is going at $9) which is more affordable than a lot of other juice diets out in the market right now.

Lo hei with amazingly healthy's possible.
Don't blame the festive season for your widening waistline; blame the lack of healthy and delicious food options... right? Not anymore since Squash has recreated the lo hei with their health-conscious mission in mind. Their lo hei actually has saccharine sweet raspberry pulpy sauce at the base, which surprisingly actually works very well with the fresh fat slices of salmon, cucumber, corntons (corn-version of croutons), taupoktons, oine nuts, cashew nuts and golden raisins. I think this is a really wonderful alternative to the usual restaurant sort of lo hei if you want to do lo hei in a smaller group and/or lo hei with people who are not suited to eat fattening/unhealthy food due to health concerns.

One of a kind wraps
That wrap you see is only one of the many combinations possible at Squash. Want a guilt-free wrap and yet not ready to forgo all your favourite food? You still can choose what goes in there (and what doesn't) in thier one-of-a-kind wraps. The wrap skin is paper-thin and very slightly salted, and it sure didn't taste like a 'health food' to me even though Squash already got the nutrition part right for you.

The highlight of Squash: The Ultimate Rojak Salad
This, and a second serving that we requested, were swept clean off the bowl the moment our chopsticks started moving! Clearly a hot favourite of the table, you will be glad to know that this ultimate Rojak salad does not scrimp on the original local rojak flavours and yet is made even better with dried cuttlefish and taupoktons. This dish is born out of the event that local food gurus have planned - Ultimate Hawker Fest and further improved to become what it is today. If you are not sure what to start with at Squash, this will not disappoint. In fact, I like this salad more than the original rojak itself because I always found it too dry. A toss of vegetables and in-house sauce made it much more enjoyable!

Chicken Bulgogi Pasta Salad
I probably hate approximately 87% of vegetables in the world but somehow the salads at Squash went down well with me for its freshness and its delectable mix with other things instead of pure vegetables. For those who cannot let go of their meat and carbohydrates, the Chicken Bulgogi Pasta Salad on the menu would be an oasis for you in case you're dragged in here by salad lovers. After trying it out, I realized I loved this a lot because of the chicken bulgogi inspired from the Korean cuisine. It's well marinated and spiced, more outstanding than usual perhaps because their recipes are thoroughly experimented.

Spicy Thai Prawn Salad
This was strangely not spicy and more 'traditionally' like a salad with the usual crunchy vegetables partying in a bowl and also corn and pinenuts to add a bit more dimension to the entire dish. I would say that this is good, but go for the Ultimate Rojak Salad or Chicken Bulgogi Pasta Salad for the more special options.

Squash: Juices. Salads. Wraps
The Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #B1-26
Singapore 059817

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  1. the juice looks good :P

  2. Great Coldpressed Juices, Healthy Salads and Wraps at Squash B1-26, The Central Clarke Quay

  3. What a nice place ! Everything seems so fresh and healthy, thank you for sharing the place with us !

  4. I wish this was already open when I was in Singapore, lol. I'm glad that more and more people are starting to value their health by choosing healthier options. I think it's also great that there are more establishments that don't just give options but cater to the health buff market. Cold pressed juices are very popular here in the Philippines, we even have establishments that deliver them.

  5. OMG! This place would be like heaven for a vegetarian like me! I just wish they would have something like that in my city!

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  7. 5 bottles at $7 or $9 a day, for 3 to 5 days. that's really cheap! some juice cleanse need a few hundreds for a 3 or 5 days session! but still, i cannot imagine myself having no solid food for 3 days. i'll go bonkers.

  8. The juices seems appetizing. If my memory serves me right, I've seen a booth at Bugis Singapore last October we went there. I even bought a glass for $1

  9. I am disappointed to see that not a single one of their products actually had SQUASH! When I read your title, I was excited to read about the various ways this store has found to make squash exciting. Hehe. I guess they were just talking about the verb, not the noun.

  10. I really want to try these kinds of juices but they're just a bit too pricey and beyond my budget for now. They look really great, though.

  11. Freshly pressed cold juices are truly amazing! Here in Tel Aviv these juices are very common and can be easily found everywhere. Great! Enjoy your juices!

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  17. I honestly prefer these kind of weight loss process (drinking pure juices) than taking those diet/weight loss pills. At least these juices are made of vegetables or fruits.

    The bottles look very rich in flavor. But honestly, I don't think I'd be able to finish one bottle since I'm not used to drinking pure juices.

  18. I think I would really enjoy a place like this. Lots of beautifully coloured fruits and veggies to fuel our minds and our bodies. What more could we ask?

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