REGEN Plastic Skin Solution: Last Night's Beauty Secrets

REGEN Plastic Skin Solution: Last Night's Beauty Secrets

Hello there! This post will be all about my best and favourite beauty indulgences... facial masks. Not just any facial masks, but Korea's leading beauty and medical group, REGEN Cosmetics's latest line of facial masks the Plastic Skin Solution masks. How timely with a whole week of meetups to attend and all-nighters to pull, I'll need all the help I can get.
Do you know that they have five different types of Plastic Skin Solution masks?
Why are they going to impress you much more than the usual facial masks... or a certain woman you want to buy them for? ;)
REGEN Plastic Skin Solution: Brand Story

Many people might already know about REGEN Cosmetics from Qiuqiu's plastic surgery journey with them. REGEN is highly proficient when it comes to defining beauty's solutions as their 30 inter-disciplinary specialists adopt scientific methodologies to develop their cosmetic products. Their products are especially made to suit the facial lines of Asian women. I am looking to create the perfect V-shaped face and that cannot come simply from slimming down or massaging your face. Loose facial lines need to be dealt with systematic management know-how of facial lines - this is applicable for women in their early 20s all the way to 40s and beyond. This is where their plastic skin solution masks come in. They have five different masks, each to tackle a specific issue that you may have:

Regen Plastic Skin Solution Double Effect Collagen Care

Regen Plastic Skin Solution Double Effect Collagen Care
Regen Plastic Skin Solution Double Effect Collagen Care

1. Double Effect Collagen Care
Key features: Intensive elasticity, intensive nutrients, improve wrinkles
Main ingredients: Acacia collagen, water-soluble collagen, chamomile water
The double effect collagen care masks will be very useful for older women who are battling the effects of aging! It promotes natural collagen production through vitamins in R&5 Complex to make skin look healthier and luminous. There is also an additional component of halophyte which is effective in swelling, restoring smoother and firmer facial lines by balancing skin moisture.
Review: The most suitable candidate to try out this mask is the mother, which she did for an afternoon pampering session. She discovered that her face feels tighter and more 'uplifted' after trying out the mask the next day, and is impressed by the velvety quality of the mask (more on that later). You would probably score extra brownie points if you were to get these masks that have additional oomph for beauty-conscious women.

Regen Plastic Skin Solution Real Whitening Effect

Regen Plastic Skin Solution Real Whitening Effect
Regen Plastic Skin Solution Real Whitening Effect

2. Real Whitening Effect
Key features: Whitening skin, natural glow, intensive hydration
Main ingredients: Pearl extract, vita complex 10, niacin amide
The epitome of the 'perfect skin' for many Korean, Japanese and Chinese people is to create a flawless, luminous, translucent pearly white skin. This mask exactly aims to provide whitening properties, even skintone and boost skin radiance.
Review: Not sure if that's why my colleagues exclaimed that I looked 'glowing' today... but this was exactly the one I used last night which promised me a natural glow. Whoa, mind-reading there or real effects? I can't see it for myself because I stare at my own face too much, but from another person's perspective it's definitely clearer.

Regen Plastic Skin Solution Skin Sensitivity Suppression

Regen Plastic Skin Solution Skin Sensitivity Suppression
Regen Plastic Skin Solution Skin Sensitivity Suppression
3. Skin Sensitivity Suppression
Key features: Sensitive skin care, luminous skin, moisture supply
Main ingredients: Aloe vera leaf extract, propolis extract, portulaca oleracea extract
If your skin belongs to the hypersensitive and easily irritated category, this one is for you. This mask aims to prevent dehydration and damage from external conditions through the anti-bacteria and immune-boosting effect of the propolis extract.
Review: My skin has been steadily improving from its constant peeling conditions with the help of my favourite new product the B5 serum and now I am happy to declare that this skin sensitivity suppression mask also managed to work wonders on calming my skin which often rages into little pimply pops and wrinkly peels due to late nights. If you have to sleep late, I think this is perfect to counter the potential ill effects.

Regen Plastic Skin Solution Pore Minimizing Treatment

Regen Plastic Skin Solution Pore Minimizing Treatment
Regen Plastic Skin Solution Pore Minimizing Treatment

4. Pore Minimizing Treatment
Key features: Moisture supply, sebum control, skin detoxification
Main ingredients: Wine extract, camellia flower extract, Witch Hazel extract
Many people have the problem of enlarged pores... and I know they are highly annoying because they seemed irreversible no matter what! This mask is designed to refine the appearance of pores by preventing excess oil secretion, allowing skin to become smoother and tighter through pore contraction.
Review: With a naked eye, I honestly couldn't see much of a visible effect.. but I am definitely greeted with a markedly smoother canvas, especially on my cheeks which has a particular area that has enlarged pores, for my makeup the next morning after using this pore minimizing mask. This makes me feel more convinced of the efficacy of this mask, though the same effect is felt through the other three plastic skin solution masks as well (the double collagen effect was not used by me).

Regen Plastic Skin Solution Ultra Skin Moisturizing

Regen Plastic Skin Solution Ultra Skin Moisturizing
5. Ultra Skin Moisturizing 
Key features: Intensive hydration, glow with moisture, smooth skin
Main ingredients: Olive leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, macadamia oil
This mask promises to rescue your skin from dehydration and dryness. Hyaluronic acid is the hottest ingredient in beauty products of 2014 due to its organic nature and its ability to act as a lubricating agent for our joints, skin and hair.
Review: This turns out to be my favourite one as it has a very comfortable and light after-mask feeling, and the remaining mask essence easily absorbed into my face after patting lightly. It also creates a much smoother skin that has a refreshed look.
Regen Plastic Skin Solution Masks

Moisture level
Most of us probably use My Beauty Diary masks on a regular basis, and I have to say... REGEN has increased my expectations for masks forever. The essence moisture level is unprecedentedly good, soaked to every fibre and waiting to be imparted onto the skin. It might drip a bit if you hold or squeeze it (which you shouldn't, what are you waiting for) but in general, it doesn't.

Facial fit
REGEN's microfibre facial masks sheets are designed much better than felt masks that I've tried in facials and definitely My Beauty Diary masks, fitting the contours of my face like a glove, especially the nose, forehead and cheeks area. I don't even feel its existence after a while with its hundred percent on-skin coverage.

Although it is said that you should remove the mask after 20 minutes... I'm guilty to say that I fell asleep within ten minutes the first time I tried (pore minimizing mask) and I forgot to take photos for it. This was taken with the second mask I tried: my eyes could hardly open when I was taking photos for this review (ultra skin moisturizing) because they feel extremely comfortable and is super good at convincing me to sleep.

Retail price
Each box of 10 REGEN plastic skin solution masks is retailing at 30,000 won, or approx. S$37 at today's exchange rate of 813:1.
REGEN plastic skin solution masks are apparently more expensive than what I usually use, but are visibly and experientially better in terms of quality and effects. It's a great step up if you are looking to improve your beauty regime, give yourself an extra booster for important days like wedding parties, birthdays, first dates or to impress someone as a gift.

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