10 FML Moments When Travelling - What's Your Score?

Traveling can be stressful and you can run into all sorts of mishaps if you aren't careful enough. Well, at least these make for excellent travel stories and dinner conversations. How many of these FML-cases have you encountered? My score is 4, what's yours?

1. Case of role reversal:
Locking your own luggage in a combination you don't know.

Quick tip: For number locks, try unlocking it yourself by trying all the combinations from 000 to 999. Be systematic and quick, don't miss a single one. It should take you less than 20 minutes. If you're desperate to grab stuff from the inside of your luggage, poke a ballpoint pen through the zip as viciously as you do for a straw through the top of a bubble tea drink.

I haven't had the luck to encounter this unfortunate situation but this would be the most frequent FML-non-emergency case that I've heard of, or experienced with my traveling buddies. It just takes time but you'll get out of the fix.

2. Case of the victim:
Getting pickpocketed, mugged, attacked, or having phones or other valuables stolen in any ways.

Quick tip:
Find out what are the common trickery and strategies used by the local criminals on the Internet forums. Dress down, put your bag in front of you, and stuff your valuables deep into your bag. Never, ever leave your stuff unattended even for three seconds.

Not yet. I have heard of people profiting from their stolen items through insurance though.

3. Case of the shopaholic:
Draining your money dry, leaving nothing for emergencies.

Quick tip:
Always keep a little excess money somewhere in your luggage, in your jeans pocket, or in your shoes. You never know when it'll come in handy.

4. Case of the silly traveler:
Booking the wrong flights, buses, trains, ferries. Wrong date, wrong destination.

Quick tip:
Check, double-check and cross-reference with someone else.

Detailing all the FML-moments here. I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy.

5. Case of the procrastinator:
Missing your flights/buses/trains/ferries.

Quick tip:
Find out about the efficiency of the airports and transport system you will need to transit/ depart from. Also the traffic and weather conditions... and provide enough buffer time.

Almost did. Ran fast enough.

6. Case of the eskimo:
Caught without your warm clothings in (unexpectedly) freezing weathers.

Quick tip:
Carry a heat pack with you if you know you're going to potentially cold places. Something is better than nothing. Eating a lot will help too. But in any case... bring a jacket.

Once, and never again. I'll always be prepared from now on.

7. Case of the innocently implicated:
Flight/bus/train/ferry delays, delayed luggages.

Quick tip:
Always bring a set of clean clothes and basic toiletries in your carry-on luggage just in case you need to stay overnight at an airport or train station without your check-in luggage.

Just a few hours, nothing a few card games and reading can't cure.

8. Case of the butter fingers photographer:
Irretrievable cameras because they have fallen into rivers, abysses, off a bridge.

Quick tip:
Always strap (and double strap) up your cameras to your arms whenever you intend to bring your camera to a place it can fall miles below. Or invest in a waterproof camera ;)

My camera is my baby and I'd rather not bring it to places that I may lose it. I also have a Nikon AW120 now to work for places with water.

9. Case of the lobster:
Heavily sunburnt due to lack of sunscreen.

Quick tip:
An intelligent friend tells me: you have to reapply sunscreen every two hours. Not fearmongering when it comes to the merciless rays. Bring along aloe vera gel anyway.

I'm too lazy to reapply two hours and have suffered the consequences of it.

10. Case of the social mismatch:
Getting into a fiery argument with your traveling partner(s).

Quick tip:
Prevention is better than cure - find out about traveling aims, likes and dislikes, travel budgets before you launch into the whole thing. Being sensitive and caring towards one another will also help a lot.

Everyone clicks with me. Come 'on.

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