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In the final few days before I left Singapore, I was on a mad scramble to tick off my must-eat food list... I felt I was grasping at straws! So many feasts, too little time (and a slower-than-desired digestive system). The Lokal was high on my priority because so many people were raving about it and how beautiful it performs in its menus and coffees. And so I went (twice).

Now that I'm in the city itself, I can safely assure that the Australian friendliness permeates throughout this Melbourne cafe in its service. Smiles, relaxed conversationalists: it felt like every customer is their regular. As a first-timer, I was charmed when they presented banana muffins on-the-house to every table in the cafe.. they do know how to collect regulars, don't they? I was sold, even though the muffin was a tad too dry and the hot mocha was not too memorable - it was steadily good. They have their beans roasted at the local Sarnies, streets down at Telok Ayer.

Slipper lobster linguine was divine, not holding back when it comes to any of the seafood goodness... fat, chunky and juicy lobsters which also infused some of its briney tastes in the tomato-shellfish sauce. With a spark of basil in the al dente linguine pasta, it was all set to go. I would definitely recommend this for the seafood lovers! 

The Wagyu Beef Goulash was garnished with capsicum, creme fraiche, marjoram and freshly-made spaetzle for a down-to-earth and full-flavoured presentation. It was a little heavy but the beef did not feel overpowering - it was a good delicate balance.

I was unusually stuffed at the end of the mains, but with a hearty strong recommendation by one of the kind ladies ('money-back-guarantee-sort-of-delicious) from the Lokal team... I couldn't resist having a Sticky Date Pudding with vanilla ice-cream. Was it good? You bet. The lusciously sweet sticky date pudding was nettedly moist and soaked up the sauce readily and complemented the creamy cold vanilla ice-cream nicely. I only wished I could have a bigger stomach to finish every bit! It can get a little jelat towards the end - varying for people of different appetites; though for me, it's yes.

The Lokal will be considered expensive for a casual dinner at $35/pax for the main+dessert combination, so be prepared. Alternatively, I used The Entertainer app and paid $40 for two at the end. Still slightly pricey, but I guess it will make for a good spot for a special occasion.
The Lokal
136 Neil Road
Singapore 088865

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