There are two types of people: Instagram People or Twitter People

 There are two types of people: Instagram People or Twitter People
More often than not, our lifestyle choices that make us who we are and shape the sort of life we want to lead. Are you more of an Instagram person or Twitter person? Don't say both just because you've got both apps downloaded on your phone - you must be subconsciously favouring one over the other. Which app is the chicken soup that rejuvenates your soul? Find out now:

1. Instagram people are half-full people; Twitter people are half-empty people. 
2. Instagram people love doing; Twitter people love thinking.
3. Instagram people are perfectionists; Twitter people see the beauty in imperfections. 
4. Instagram people likes measured planning; Twitter people love spontaneity. 
5. Instagram people are more extroverted; Twitter people are more introverted.
6. Instagram people are active in generating ideas; Twitter people let ideas come to them.
7. Instagram people exclusively love cats; Twitter people love both cats and dogs.
8. Instagram people are Team Apple; Twitter people are Team Android.
9. Instagram people are more careful; Twitter people are less careful.
10. Instagram people can strike up a conversation with a stranger; Twitter people would find them weird.
11. Instagram people love breakfasts in bed; Twitter people sleep past breakfast time (if they can). 
12. Instagram people have a huge social circle; Twitter people tend to keep a few close friends.
13. Instagram people are big spenders; Twitter people are more mindful of their finances.

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