Perth Day 3 - Kings Park

A trip to Perth cannot be complete without rolling around the grass at Kings Park. I'd think that such a beautiful place would be flooded with people having picnics because it is really one of the finest enjoyments in life, but no... there were very few people around, mostly families. The afternoon light lends soft repose to every part of the park.. at that moment I swear I'd come here everyday just to enjoy overlooking the city. There is also a free transit zone within the city zone with buses running up to Kings Park from the business district.
Itinerary for Day Three in Perth

Pretty right? You can get to see Swan River and Canning River, and the different highways too from here. Everyone is busy down in the city, but then we are up here, wind in our hair and having an awesome picnic for lunch. There are not many food sources here except for a cafe and bushes to forage for (potentially poisonous) berries.

So yes... buy some snacks from the supermarkets in the city before coming up!

One of the monuments I spotted at Kings Park was the State War Memorial. In addition to my experience of touring around Melbourne for a few days, I realized that Australia places great emphasis on remembering their noble soldiers who have died in the line of duty during the WWI and WWII that they dedicate quite a lot of public space for these purposes.

The lookout to see the place where Swan River and Canning River meets.

The floral diversity at Kings Park is wide, and they have little information stands to talk about the different species too.

We found a bottle tree too! It's really quite fat. However, when we reached the elevated Lotterywest Federation Walkway, we realised it was already closed for the day. The opening hours are 9am-5pm so do take note! We came back another day so we didn't miss out much.

That's the Botanical Cafe in Kings Park near the bus stop.

It was such a lovely place to be, and I'm definitely listing it as a must-go in Perth. I will be back with more pictures from the next day that we returned to Kings Park again after cycling along Swan River. :)

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