Republica (St Kilda) - Melbourne's Restaurants

Republica (St Kilda) - Melbourne's Restaurants

Bayside restaurants are the ultimate treat for your beach vacation. At St Kilda's, you have entire troves of good restaurants, cafes, bars and gelato parlors that will get you sighing: why don't I have multiple stomachs? Definitely a perennial wish for all you food-loving folks out there. If you want something close to the beach, Republica will bring you laid-back, casual but very scrumptious Australian spread that will keep you going for your seaside activities.

Republica (St Kilda) - Melbourne's Restaurants TRUFFLE FRIESFree-range ham, roasted mushrooms with caramelised onions pizza (Republica at St Kilda)

Truffle fries to start? I remember swooning to them - they deserve to be enshrined with the Pringles' slogan: once you pop, you can't stop. You've got to get at them for starters. We also got pizza - I would say thumbs up for the free-range ham, roasted mushrooms with caramelised onions flavoured one! How did they hide that generous layer of cheese in that thin crust? This meaty and cheesy combination definitely fits the bill for my pizza requirements. It's quite huge but tell you what... double it up in servings and spare yourself the misery of restricting your appetite.
Gnocchi (Republica at St Kilda)

The potato gnocchi in the style of minestrone with pork lardons and basil pesto was an indulgent mains which packed a punch in its flavours, excellently made and not overpowering. I can't get enough of this. This three dishes from Republica impressed me quite a bit, the service is impeccable and the verdict: go for it.

18/10 Jacka Boulevard, St Kilda
VIC 3182

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