Sunny Boy Cafe - Melbourne's Cafes

Sunny Boy Cafe - Melbourne's Cafes

I love cafes that are elusive. They shy away from the main streets, and they only reveal themselves if you dare to venture deeper into the alleys. I wouldn't exchange the thrill of finding a cafe while trying my luck in a laneway for anything in the world... maybe for a good cuppa. Sunny Boy Cafe is definitely a locals' favourite

Sunny Boy Cafe - Melbourne's Cafes

The queue was already animatedly lined with office-goers, their mornings waiting to be brightened by their takeaway coffees. Given how many cafes/ coffee stops there are on the main street, I wonder why they will walk all the way in for this particular place. There can only be one reason, eh? ;)
Sunny Boy Cafe - Melbourne's Cafes
Panko & Slaw (AUD13) and The Rushdie (AUD12) were brunch picks for the day before we set off for our beach fix. The Panko & Slaw involved some scrumptious panko crumbed chicken schnitzel and housemade slaw. It looked tiny but I could only finish half of it with my best effort. It was teetering on the edge of being too heavy. I would not recommend this, but the coffee experience was lovely and an instant pick-me-up. I didn't try the rest of the menu so I can't tell you with certainty if it's good or not, but definitely not the Panko & Slaw.

Sunny Boy Cafe - Melbourne's Cafes

Sunny Boy Cafe
Gurners Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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