The Island Bird by Ernesto Neto (NGV)

In an obscure corner of the National Gallery of Victoria, this colossal exhibit suspends itself from the ceiling, with kids pouring in and out of the crocheted rope nest. It is called The Island Bird by Ernesto Neto, an interactive piece that draws curious adults and children alike towards it, begging us to climb through it. What for, people might ask. For fun, I would say. (And it obviously screams: informal photoshoot location - the lighting was fantastic) It's that moment I found that we've come to a time in which we constantly look out for the end-product in life, we've forgotten to enjoy the process. 

What The Island Bird looks like from afar. It looks like a science-fiction fantasy scene, except with too much colours. The grey boulders-lookalike are made of rather malleable material somewhat like bean bags, just more solid than the usual ones meant for living rooms.

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