Top 5 Malaysian Restaurants in Singapore

Top 5 Malaysian Restaurants in Singapore (CouponzGuru)

The depth and diversity of food scene in Singapore is something which surprises everybody. To feed a population of five million, Singapore has 20,000 eateries! This is a great testimony of the fact that food and outside dining is an integral part of the culture and lifestyle of Singaporeans. Singapore has a rich, multi cultural heritage. There are different varieties of cuisines in Singapore - Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and Mongolian plus local cuisine from Singapore. Peranakan and Nonya food are a mixture of foods from China, Malaysia and Indonesia. They are also an integral part of the local foods of Singapore.

Top 5 Malaysian Restaurants in Singapore (CouponzGuru)

Malaysian foods have a bigger say in the flavor of local cuisines of Singapore. It is also integrated deeply in the food culture, dining and lifestyle of the people staying in that region. So if you are searching for good Malaysian food restaurants in Singapore then you won’t be disappointed as there are countless of them. When the urge for Malaysian foods knocks you down all of a sudden, then search for any of these restaurants in your locality and sink deeper into the original flavor of Malaysian cuisines in Singapore. 

Top 5 Malaysian Restaurants in Singapore (CouponzGuru)

Straits Kitchen 
If you want to indulge deep into the buffet dinner of local delights in Singapore then Straits Kitchen at Grand Hyatt Hotel is the ideal place for you. It is a Halal certified buffet restaurant in Singapore which offers the best of local cuisines in a modern contemporary and upbeat setting. It offers an excellent choice of foods at good price. 

Top 5 Malaysian Restaurants in Singapore (CouponzGuru)

Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang 
Usually there is a long queue over at Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang - it is a very famous place for local cuisines in Singapore. You have to stand in the queue. Singaporeans are very strict about this. They don’t allow anyone to break the rules. Their dishes are always fresh with a sweet and sour flavor with a dash of spiciness. If the Nasi Padang isn’t spicy enough, it is not Nasi Padang!

Top 5 Malaysian Restaurants in Singapore (CouponzGuru)

Blue Ginger
Blue Ginger’s specialty lies in Chinese, Asian, Malaysian and Singaporean cuisines. It offers a perfect atmosphere for family dining. It is also popular for Peranakan cuisines. Don't miss thier Beef Rendang, Ayam Sambal Serai and Assam Puteh when you find yourself in Blue Ginger.

Top 5 Malaysian Restaurants in Singapore (CouponzGuru)

East Coast Lagoon Food Village 
While the true local foodie claims that there are plenty of dining enclaves around the island, the East Coast Lagoon Food Village is regarded as one of the best in Singapore. With a voracious spread of international cuisine selections, set yourself back some bucks and an appetite for some finger-licking delectable Malaysian food.

Top 5 Malaysian Restaurants in Singapore (CouponzGuru)

328 Katong Laksa 
This would be the answer if you were to ask anyone where you can find the best laksa in Singapore. There are plenty of close competitors, it really depends on what type of laksa (spicier or creamier, your call) you like because they all do it differently. 328 marries best of both worlds and might potentially err on the side of having more coconut flavour, but it never lets you down.

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