Death as anticlimax.

Only realistically speaking.

I apologize in advance for this morbid post which is birthed from my quiet fascination with cemeteries. Not the creepy unkempt ones bidding to be the set of a horror movie, but those which are pristine and well-maintained. Melbourne General Cemetery is one of them, located very near to the University of Melbourne and the Trinity College. Pretty much it was like that: one morning I woke up and decided to go for a long walk, and I was curious about visiting the cemetery too, so I went. It was a good time for self-reflection on issues about life and death, and it kinda puts things into perspective and pushes more ideas into the realm of the unresolved. 

Time spent in a cemetery is never time wasted... it's the best setting to conduct some self-reflection. Possibly one of the best activities to do alone around here. I spend a lot of time thinking about death, and its antinomy, life. People believe in very different things about what happens after a human being breathed his last, and if anything happens, at all. I like to know what others think because I wished that someday, someone would convince me otherwise of the rather depressing version of I believe: death as the most anticlimactic event of anyone's life because nothing happens for the particular individual that left. Regardless of how violently or peacefully it happened, it is but still water under the bridge. No physical pain, no emotions, no secrets ever mattered anymore, all shame experienced as a living person wiped out as a clean slate. Everything is borne by the living. The prices of paintings that shot up, the humble material inheritances, the words in letters and diaries, the last words captured on video that now take on different meanings.

Funerals are for the ones left behind, and by everyone that will eventually follow their footsteps. Wherever that may be in the dark, we will all be together. Most likely, there will be no hugs, no handshakes, no lips to smile or kiss. We will be together in an inanimate mess form, by a long shot, I would guess possibly in epic anarchic formation a reminiscence of pre-universal eras. Or maybe something else. By still together nonetheless. It might seem a long while later, but in the grand scheme of time, it's not too faraway. So, see you soon. 

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