Skincare Journey with Dermagold: Skin Elixir

Chapter two on my skincare journey with Dermagold.

If you've stuck around for long enough (you deserve a giant chocolate fudge), you would have read the first step of my skincare journey with Dermagold. Two weeks might not be the best judge if the skincare products have been effective. Now it has been 2 months since I used the Miracle C+ and the Skin Elixir concurrently. I used the Skin Elixir in the daytime right after my morning cleanse, and the Miracle C+ right before I sleep and after my night cleanse. It is working out beautifully for me, providing me with sufficient protection against the bitter cold and strong winds here in Melbourne. We are entering the thick of winters soon, although it isn't as crazy as sub-zero temperatures of Europe, the weather has been really trying with forty km/h wind speeds in the evenings even within the city. Stepping up skincare is the least I can do to save my face from being battered by the elements!

I brought my Miracle C+ and Skin Elixir along to my recent trip to Adelaide as well! They are very convenient to carry along, and allowed me to travel with a peace of mind, knowing that my face won't start peeling just like how it used to. Despite all that harsh weather out at sea, I still look presentable, with my skin feeling soft and well-adjusted.

The Dermagold Skin Elixir is the star product of this award-winning brand. It is a little bottle of the perfect skin food, culminating an ultimate blend of natural ingredients including seabuckthorn, hyaluronic acid and marine seaweed to enhance skin radiance for the perfect complexion. While hyaluronic acid is the common ingredient for making skin serums, seabuckthorn extract has intense antioxidant ability. Seabuckthorn extract is also used alone or in various preparations for burns, scalds, ulcerations, and infections. It is an ingredient in sunblock-hippophae oil, with UV-blocking activity and emollient properties that can promote the regeneration of tissues. It is also paraben-free.

It has a very, very light fragrance that melts easily into the skin. I like how it is fuss-free and can be dispensed from a pump, which makes it super easy to do my nightly routine even when I'm very tired. 

Dermagold gives me the courage to bare my skin under light! My complexion has been very good despite the worse conditions I am in now! Dermagold is a brand that I trust now. If you're looking for a skincare range to take care of your skin without any fuss, try this for yourself.

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Where to buy?
Dermagold is currently stocked at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique – the 1st beauty boutique in Singapore to carry Dermagold skincare and facials.

23 Lorong Telok #01-01, Singapore 049035

Contact number
+65 6969 3022 

Opening hours
Mon - Fri: 10am – 8pm
Sat: 10am – 2pm
Closed on Sun and PH

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