Bakery Chef Created A Doppelganger With A SG Twist

Looks familiar, what lies beyond that pretty facade?

I haven't had enough destiny credits to try out Aqua S in Sydney (reason to go again), but there is now a contender for this blue-and-pink(white) twisty soft serve cone on cotton candy clouds... right here on homeground in Singapore. Location: Bakery Chef at Bukit Merah.

The blue gives a jolt of sea salt and the pink (I see it as white, even in real life lighting, but pink is indeed more romantic), a swirl of faint gula melaka. A little more magic comes with caramel crunchy balls which are obviously more aesthetically exciting than for practical eating as they roll anticlimactically off the cone. This soft serve is on the creamy and rich side, but flavours weren't as intense as I would liked it to be. Still very Instagrammable. Note: Bakery Chef is more famous for their rainbow cakes.

Bakery Chef
161 Bukit Merah Central #01-3711
Singapore 150161

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