Sydney: Cow and The Moon

The best gelato in the world? You decide.

Cow and The Moon

A twist of events. We were supposed to be eating watermelon cakes at Black Star, but they ran out of them and so we had to source for another teatime stop. Grounds of Alexandria was closing at four in the afternoon, and we ain't going to make it by public transport. Google saves the day as usual, and I found Cow and The Moon on the map nearby and we zipped our way down for the world's best gelato. Not a bad deal at all.
If I had the time in Sydney, I'll dawdle all of it at the suburbs of Newton and Enmore. Feeling all the feels in this laidback corner of the city, where everything is quaint and feels like a hidden gem. Obviously not though, since everyone headed purposefully to Cow and The Moon knowing what it is.
Cow and The Moon
Cow and The Moon

Cow and The Moon was crowned champion during the Gelato World Tour for its almond affogato flavour, and has since attracted mobs to the quiet suburb of Enmore. Be prepared for some stressful gelato flavour decision-making process. It is difficult to decide how a certain place has the 'best gelato', each of the different flavours bring about different levels of satisfaction after all! The gelato at Cow and The Moon has this smooth and rich consistency that is really quite enjoyable, the quality is definitely in the higher ranks of good gelato. Whether or not it is the 'best', is definitely still up for discussion. In Australia, Gelato Messina is close behind to send Cow and The Moon on a run for its money. As of the world... I haven't been to Italy yet (going, going *sooon*) but my favourite lies in the older section of the Nice city, in Fenocchio

Cow and The Moon

Cow and The Moon
181 Enmore Road, Enmore
New South Wales 2042

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