Voice of China Season 4 Episode 2 - Blind Auditions, Again

Which voice will touch you? Who would they turn for?

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 2 Blind Auditions
Voices aside... this is the most visually appealing episode ever. AND... love the song selections too, absolutely 中我的意啊~ There is also a new element of double-blind auditions for just one mystery contestant, who will he/she be? The contestant remains hidden from sight on stage, shrouded by a curtain veil until the performance is over. This technique has been used in Voice of Germany and Voice Kids, and now is being employed for the first time on Voice of China in this episode.
>>>Spoilers present in this article<<<

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 2 Blind Auditions
Saya Chang
Photo credits: NuWu

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 2 Blind Auditions
Left: Wu Si Ai, Right: Liu Wei Nan
Photo credits: NuWu

Striking resemblance or blood relations?
What you see here sure ain't a coincidence but a beautifully planned surprise on stage... Saya Chang is the younger sister of Taiwanese popstar and Season 2's judge - A-mei - and she has arrived on the stage of Voice of China as a contestant. Her popularity is overshadowed by her sister, but she used to be in a pop-duo along with their cousin, Raya Chen Qiulin. The pop-duo, Zhang Meimei, has produced several catchy tunes including 我要为你做饭. Saya, now a full-time single mother of two, has decided to give this competition a go upon the encouragement of her children. She sang Jam Hsiao's 怎么说我不爱你 (cue: squeal in excitement) in a way that is extremely similar to A-Mei... but with a more sensual, sentimental, sad edge to it. I totally don't mind that, do you? ONE WORD at the end: Goosebumpssss. 
Another contestant that caught our eyes is Wu Si Ai, who bears an uncanny similarity with Weibo's super-popular Chinese actress, Yao Chen. While she is not related to Yao Chen in any way, Wu Si Ai differentiates herself with a clear, traditional and persuasive voice as she belts out an old song,  如果没有你 - an old favourite of Season 1's Li Daimo. 
Mixed-blood Liu Wei Nan, also known as Will Jay, performed a song that kids from 80s will be familiar with - Lemon Tree - with his ukelele. He loves gymming too, and Jay immediately sent him an open invite - 'we can gym together'. This Los Angeles guy is also a semi-star on Youtube with 21k subscribers.

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 2 Blind Auditions
Photo credits: NuWu (right)
Camaraderie among the judges
If you've noticed, Na Ying had proposed to 'team up with Jay' by sharing benefits across their students... their chemistry had continued into the second episode, in which they help each other to 'snatch' Wu Si Ai from Harlem's reach. Many of the contestants prefer Jay because he is 'younger', which caused Wang Feng to lament how they need to retire soon...
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