Victoria: Great Ocean Road (Part I)

One of the world's best coastlines.

One of the world's most impressive coastlines is the Great Ocean Road at Victoria, Australia. That is an open secret, and often recommended as a day trip if you're visiting Melbourne. What most people don't know is...  if you're a geography buff, one day ain't going to be enough to clear all the highlights in a comfortable time frame. We did the Great Ocean Road in two days. Starting from Melbourne, we cleared a few attractions on the way, caught the Twelve Apostles at sunset, stayed overnight at Warrnambool and then on the return trip the next day we ticked off a few more attractions we missed back to Melbourne. It was such a mindblowingly gorgeous feast for the eyes that I can't help but be trigger-happy while holding the camera... and I ended up with hundreds of shots as usual. These are the ones I picked out from morning till lunch. :) Part 1 of the Great Ocean Road, let's go!

1. Breakfast at Torquay
Caffeine break at The Pond Cafe by the Torquay Front Beach looking out at Zeally Bay... well, expectedly good coffee. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants around this area, probably the most classy area with breakfasts and coffees, making a great rest stop before going on.
The Pond Cafe
39 The Esplanade, Torquay VIC 3228

2. Anglesea Golf Course
Catch sight of wild kangaroos beside Anglesea Golf Course. The golf course itself is a restricted area from the public, but the kangaroos can be spotted around the region. They are not tame like the kangaroos in the zoo, so don't get too close to them... these wild kangaroos can be dangerous, they might actually kick (or box) you with their powerful legs.

I look like a dumpling in here... but I swear, I am so thankful for the layers of clothes I put on! I was there mid-April (entering autumn), and it was already freezing cold because the winds blowing from the Antarctica are especially biting. Three layers is just adequate - including a Uniqlo heat-tech long-sleeve shirt, a T-shirt and a jacket. Bear in mind it was a good, sunny day... but looks are really deceiving, it was already quite cold.

3. Split Point Lighthouse
This is one of the rare 'manmade' highlights along Great Ocean Road from which there are some lookout points to marvel at the coastline. It was a very good day to enjoy the sights, which result in a vivid azure blue. It looked really vibrant even to the naked eye!

Road trip on Great Ocean Road - one of the world's bests. From Coast to Coast.

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