Voice of China Season 4 Episode 3... Who To Look Out For?

A rather mellow episode...

This episode is relatively calming with younger contestants performing slower, romantic and blues/ R&B sort of songs. It borders on the line of being boring, though there are still a few contestants to look out for. The snatching of contestants among judges became less competitive, with most of them still going for Jay Chou... I'd say, there ain't much interesting banter during the conversations between performances.
>>>Spoilers present in this article<<<

Photo credits: xinhuanet.com
Photo credits: xinhuanet.com

Pink-haired Zhang Nan... verdict: most flexible singer of this season yet!

I have never felt that feeling of all my hairs standing up immediately during the first line since my favourite contestant in Season 2 - Geng Sihan. I love how flexible Zhang Nan is in her singing, she can transit from the gentle sort of high tones to the rougher, grungy parts and back so smoothly. Can I say she is one of my favourite contestants for now?!

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21-year old mega cool rapper - a crazy blend of languages... verdict: I love it! But he might not go too far..

Liu Chang Yuan performs self-composed song and a little infusion of Jay Chou's 双节棍. Throughout this song, he used a total of six languages - English, Mandarin Chinese (and Hakka-variants), German, Korean, Russian and Spanish. The second Los Angeles contestant after Will Jay from episode 2, he speaks with a little rusty Mandarin Chinese but wins three turns from the judges. I absolutely adore it and started dancing with the influential rhythm! He will go far in the competition under the wing of Jay Chou.. not! Chances are, during the PK, he will be paired with Will Jay and be overshadowed by Mr Lemon Tree.

Update (15/8/2015): Contrary to the usual VOC drill, Jay Chou has paired Will Jay with Xu Lin instead of Liu Chang Yuan. This echoes his bias towards participants who can sing English songs well, and possibly signify that he wants to keep both in the running.

Music student from Guizhou who sang Jam Hsiao's 你... verdict: She will move you to tears.

Huang Xiao Yun had chosen Jam Hsiao's newer song, 你, and performed it with a teary-sort and thicker voice that reminds me of Melody Tan from third season and Xuan Xuan from second season, but a more likeable version of the both. I don't know how such a young girl can imbue her voice with so much emotions. The moment Wang Feng slams the red button with so much jest, I felt so much overwhelming emotions - yes, yes, he feel it too! Goosebumps all-the-way. YOU GO GIRL! 

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