Voice of China Season 4 Episode 5 - The Last of Blind Auditions

Which of these 'twice-cooked meat' will emerge victorious?

With the positions of each of the judges' teams filling up fast, the blind auditions section has reached its last stage. This also means that the judges' expectations have risen much higher than at initial stages. Who managed to squeeze into the last position on each of the four teams? Find out more:
>>>Spoilers present in this article<<

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 5 - The Last of Blind Auditions

Last position on Wang Feng's team goes to... Xiu Er
Even with their backs facing the stage, Na Ying remembers Xiu Er's purposeful slow/off-beat and carefree style of singing, her rucksack dress and her guitar by voice. But ultimately, this easily identifiable voice was picked up by Wang Feng. You probably could tell already, with Jay Chou's furrowed brows, he probably had no idea how to improve this eccentric singing style.

Last position on Na Ying's team goes to... Su Hao
A very modern, heartbreaking voice challenges G.E.M's new song - 单行的轨道 and Na Ying finally decided to turn for him. Even though it seems like his singing style is generic, he has a very male version of Na Ying sort of strain, he reminded me of her songs. I can't wait for him to sing her songs with his very own version.

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 5 - The Last of Blind Auditions

Last position on Jay Chou's team goes to... Zhang Yang
He chose a classic song from the Chinese blockbuster movie - 菊花台. Instead of Jay Chou's usual slurring loose style, Zhang Yang did it with a much oriental, traditional spin that eventually won the affirmation by the original singer himself who was smiling throughout. Midway Zhang's performance, Wang Feng commented on the voice's flexibility.

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 5 - The Last of Blind Auditions

Last position on Harlem's team goes to... Gu Zhen Bang
When the first line has the ability to raise goosebumps from the tips of the fingers to the back of your neck... you know he definitely deserves the last position on one of the judges' teams. Hailing from Ipoh of Malaysia, his entire song did not consist of many lines, but touched me deeply. Previously, he sang Wang Feng's classic 北京北京, but was rejected because his performance included too much 'voice vibrations'. He was dubbed the Prince of Voice Vibrations by netizens.

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Voice of China Season 4 Episode 5 - The Last of Blind Auditions

More on next section of the competition...

As Voice of China proceed into the PK battle rounds, each of the judges have approached another judge of the Chinese music entertainment industry to help them hone the participants. The pair-ups are as follows:

1. Wang Feng AND G.E.M
2. Na Ying AND Li Jian
3. Jay Chou AND Zhang Huimei
4. Harlem AND JJ Lin

Which would be the 'power judges pair' that can whip up magic next episode?!

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 5 - The Last of Blind Auditions
Postscript on the fallen ones...

Due to time constraints of the Voice of China show, they do not play the performances of all the contestants that went through the Blind Auditions round. If you are interested to view the performances of contestants that did not go through, you can search on Youtube for "未播纯享版". Singapore contestant Alfred Sim 沈志豪 did not seem to have succeeded from observing the final list.

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