Keep Discovering The Sweeter Side of Life

Sweet, sugar, candy man.

Sweet news for all Sugar existing users! If you're running low on credits, our Candy Shop is selling top up cards! Key in the following promo codes for discounted top-ups:

>>> amie30 - $20 for $30 worth of credits <<<
>>> amie50 - $30 for $50 worth of credits <<<
>>> amie100 - $50 for $100 worth of credits <<<

Visit the Candy Shop to buy now:

Screenshots of the app!

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, just open Sugar to discover awesome places nearby. You can try a new exciting place at inviting prices... things will never be the same again. Download SUGAR to find out more! 


a travel and food blogger with a constant longing to be somewhere to makes her feel alive ☆ life's an adventure

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