Voice of China Season 4 Episode 11 Prelude: Wang Feng's "Outburst"

The battle is between... Wang Feng and the media team?

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Whatever happened during the recording for Episode 11 (click here for the episode's summary and analysis)? Wang Feng became really furious and sad, and decided to speak up about it. That melodramatic portion might not even be broadcast because it is an instant recipe for controversy. Here is what went down:
>>> Spoilers present in this article <<< 

The competition has progressed to the next stage of the competition in which two teams will face off. In the next episode, the top four contestants from Jay Chou's team will meet the top four contestants from Na Ying's team on the same stage. Each team will pre-decide the line-up. The first contestant from Jay's team will compete against the first contestant from Na Ying's team, and so on. The four judges no longer have the power to choose who they prefer, and instead, 51 media representatives will vote. Out of the 51 media representatives, 26 of them include recording companies, music producers, music critics and radio DJs; the remaining 25 is made up of mainstream media representatives from all over China. The contestant with the higher vote will stay, and the other will leave. Each judge has an immunity vote to 'save' their team member.
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On the 10/9, the Voice of China team was doing a recording for Wang Feng and Harlem Yu's face off episode. Before the competition began, VOC host Hua Shao began by asking judges Jay Chou and Na Ying to comment on the new competition format.
Jay: It's great to deflect this conundrum to the judges, I feel so much relaxed now.
Na Ying: As their mentors, it's really difficult to make a decision. The media people can represent the voices of people. Wang Feng was really nervous in the backstage, but I told him that the media has no issues with him.
Subsequently, Harlem and Wang Feng performed an opening act one after another and host Hua Shao prompted them to declare their battle cry, to which Harlem yelled his signature animalistic 'Rockkk', but Wang Feng simply answered 没-有-宣-言 (No Battle Cry) and he turned to the media and reminded them that each of their vote is sacred.
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So the first round kicks off and the media voted Wang Feng's first contestant out - to which, Wang Feng said to the contestant, "I really want to apologize to you, you performed extraordinarily well today. Your loss has nothing to do with your singing, there are some external factors that I cannot control. This is all my fault." 
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Subsequently, the next two rounds, Wang Feng's contestants were voted out as well. This meant there was only one surviving contestant from Wang Feng... and he was increasingly incensed by the situation. Despite Na Ying's attempts to stop him from speaking up, he could not stop himself from expressing his heartfelt sentiments:
I've been thinking of something from the first song. I wanted to wait until the final song before saying it. I need to express some nagging feelings that I have. The next few lines might not be broadcast on the official show, but I will definitely be responsible for my words. First, I want to express that what I am about to say has nothing to do with my losses on this episode. As the opponent to Harlem, I have told my assistant and my family that my favourite part of this season's Voice of China is the attitude of Harlem's team and the songs he picked. My interactions with Harlem have also been pleasant. I have no issues with Harlem. What I am about to say has nothing to do with Harlem and his team.
To all my students that have failed to go through, I am extremely apologetic to all of you, please forgive me my frankness. You did not lose to music, you did not lose in Harlem's point of view, you did not lose to your opponent's spectacular performances, you lost to the materialistic and crude world of gossip and bias, to which it is aimed at your mentor (himself). Please do not cry, I am grateful for The Voice's band, director, music producers, music critics and DJs. I would like to apologize, because I believe your performance is close to perfection, but I cannot change the reality. I have to say sorry because you've gotten hurt because of me. I can handle those defamation and gossip, but I should never let you bear all this.
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Shots fired. A commotion erupted among the media representatives. Major awkwardness ensued. During the final face-off, some of the media representatives continued to choose Harlem's contestant over Wang Feng's, and explained snarkily, "I did not choose Wang Feng's team because I am materialistic and crude."
Not saying who got eliminated, but it's pretty sure that at least three of Wang Feng's contestants got out. As a recap... these are the ones in Wang Feng's team: Bei Bei, Huang Xiao Yun, Zhang Xinxin, Huang Yong. It also means that at least three of Harlem's contestants got through: Tan Xuan Yuan, Zhang Shu, Zhao Da Ge, Ma Yin Yin. Told ya there are spoilers in here.

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  1. I wonder how much of this will make the final broadcast.. and what Wang Feng even did (or the media thinks he did) to warrant alleged bias voting to occur.. O_O

  2. lmao actually i kinda feel sad for the guy like he isnt that bad and he gets all sorts of hate from the media. To be honest the show was probably rigged like they wanted to put wang feng against harlem. and thats really not fair coz some of their members are really so much better than na ying's or jay's.

  3. Media bias against Wang Feng is very obvious when Bei Bei lost the voting by the last 2 rows of "judges".

  4. Media bias is very obvious after Bei Bei was voted out by the last 2 rows of media "judges". Shame on those judges who cannot separate personal from professional judgement.


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