Voice of China Season 4 Episode 8: "Jay Chou Cannot Cry"

Who will go, who will stay as the top 4 contestants in Jay Chou's team?

Sorry for skipping regular updates last week! With Na Ying's unprecedentedly strong team (best of Voice of China) emerging from tearfest after tearfest, how will Jay Chou's team 地表最强队 hold up? Here is the blow by blow analysis of this episode!
>>>Spoilers present in this article<<

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 8: Jay Chou Cannot Cry

1. Chen Zi Tong vs. Liu Chang Yuan
Cry-o-meter: 2/10

There is almost no dilemma for this pair because Liu Chang Yuan didn't sing at all and only rapped. On the other hand, Chen Zi Tong manage to demonstrate both her rapping and singing within the super fast paced and remixed version of Wakin Chau's 刀劍如夢. Easy choice to make especially when Chen Zi Tong (Queen T) has always been popular among the audience. 

2. Li An An vs. Guan Shi Min
Cry-o-meter: 3/10

For me, it is another clear decision for this pair because Li An An is much better in the performance of the theme song of Beauty and the Beast. Personally, I find Li An An's wholesome, deeper voice is much, much more comfortable to listen to. Laugh-o-meter is ticking quite a bit too when Li An An said "I don't know when's the next time we can eat breakfast together." When I thought the final choice was straightforward, Jay's final decision's really shocked me when he chose Guan Shi Min against the suggestions of four other judges.

3. Zhang Yang vs. Li Xin Ni
Cry-o-meter: 4/10

Chemistry is obviously lacking between the two as their styles are too different and strange to gel together. But somehow it remains enjoyable when each of them sing. Future potential and flexibility wise, Li Xin Ni was chosen over Zhang Yang. Exuding an air of a humble folksy songstress, Li Xin Ni would possibly be an underdog in this competition later on.

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4. Li An vs. Jiang Yuan Dong
Cry-o-meter: 5/10

Again, song choice and chemistry seems to be absent between this two contestants... perhaps it is really unsuitable for two men singing these love songs (剪爱 & Hero) - the arrangement would be better between a male and female contestant. However, each of them is extremely awesome when they sing on their own. Jiang Yuan Dong had a slight edge in terms of how touching he made the song through the choreography of tone. The post-performance conversations became slightly emotional but Jay Chou commented, "Jiang Yuan Dong, you really make me proud" before choosing Li An. I felt like crying when Jiang Yuan Dong remained super optimistic and replied, "Li An, you managed to win me in the PK, you must work hard in Jay's team and get the championship." #Bromance

5. Zhan Xiao Yu vs. Huang Sheng Wen
Cry-o-meter: 5/10

I've never heard this Jay Chou song (比较大的大提琴) before, but these two contestants are really good with showmanship and musicality which really made me Googled this song and want to include it in my permanent replay playlist. There's also a secret inclusion of the tune of Super Mario and a verse of 水手怕水, which is ingenious. Very good performance. Thumbs up.

6. Liu Wei Nan (Will Jay) vs. Xu Lin
Cry-o-meter: 8/10

Definitely a successkid mix of songs with Just the Way You Are and 稻香 - I went wild and was thoroughly impressed with how clever this mix is. Possibly Will Jay's handsomeness bedazzled Xu Lin in the beginning and made Xu Lin skip a line, which possibly caused A-Mei to comment how Will Jay is more confident. Nevertheless, I find that Xu Lin's voice is stronger and had more potential. Being the best PK round of Jay's team, both proves to be very strong in different ways so it's almost equally-matched. Jay Chou ultimately chose Will Jay possibly because for viewership.

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 8: Jay Chou Cannot Cry


7. Chen Zi Tong vs. Li An
Bang Bang by Jessie J. I will always remember Chen Zi Tong's stellar performance of it. Hundred-and-one percent replay worthy. Li An's Yesterday drew me in, but he did went slightly off-tune in the midst of the performance. I had to agree with Na Ying that I would overlook the flaws because overall, it was still very good. Ultimately, Jay Chou did a Double!

8. Guan Shi Min vs. Huang Sheng Wen
Guan Shi Min sang 听见下雨的声音 which was pretty good, but I personally don't like her voice. It was quite goosebumps-inducing but overall it was too piercing for me. Huang Sheng Wen slaughtered Uptown Funk - why didn't he dance?! I kept thinking of Yu Feng at this point, and how he would be so much better at it. If the previous pair was a Double to go through, I would hit Double to oust these two out.

9. Liu Wei Nan (Will Jay) vs. Li Xin Ni
Because I really want this pair to go through: Li Xin Ni performed a touching, perfectly executed Cantonese song. Will Jay's pronunciation is really quite off, but can I fault him when he is singing one of my current favourite songs 还是会? THE ANSWER IS NO. Unfortunately, Jay Chou already used up his Double and it's time to say goodbye to Mr Lemon Tree.

Final 4: Chen Zi Tong, Li An, Guan Shi Min, Li Xin Ni

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 8: Jay Chou Cannot Cry

Channel U from Mediacorp, you don't deserve to be an entertainment channel. You stuffed so many advertisements in between Voice of China, censored Li Xin Ni's lovely performance (arguably the best of the whole episode), and then decided to multiplied the speed of the post-performance conversation by four times because you wanted to add two more advertisements. What kind of shitty treatment of content is this? I sure as hell won't be buying that 糖心黑蒜. 

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  1. Chen zitong's the best! I hope she wins this season.
    Thanks for the review! I'm a foreigner living abroad, and have been a big fan of Queen.T ever since she debuted last year.
    Is there a link to The Voice this season? If you know a link, please let me know!

  2. Hello :D

    I love Chen Zitong's performance too! It's very enjoyable to watch her perform.

    For the latest episode featured in this post, you can go to this link:
    or http://v.qq.com/cover/o/o64cy70qo6y54wz.html

    I prefer Youtube which loads faster :) Moreover, qq.com is full of Chinese words which can be hard to navigate!

    Usually if you're searching for a particular episode on Youtube, I will search for "中国好声音 第四季 YYYYMMDD" in which you put the date that the episode was released in Mainland China.


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