Voice of China Season 4 Episode 9: Team Harlem, take the stage!

When I met you in the summer camp!

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 9: Team Harlem, take the stage!

In the previous episode, Harlem said "It's not a crime for men to cry" (男人哭吧不是罪 is a famous song by Andy Lau) as a taunt to Jay Chou's indecisive and emotional trial of eliminating his students. This week, will Harlem break down in face of the stress of eliminating his students? How will he surprise us with his innovative choreography once again? JJ Lin is the dream mentor of the episode too!
>>> Spoilers present in this article <<<

1. Zhang Shu vs. Li Wen Hui
Jaw-drop-o-meter: 9/10
I absolutely went crazy over their performance of 燕尾蝶 by Fish Leong, which I have classified as one of the most difficult songs to sing in the arena of Mandopop! There was so much power, I thought the stage will collapse from that bursting energy. This is truly disciples of the man who loves to play with music. Yet, you have to choose one from the pair, and that, my choice was Zhang Shu because I found that she had greater control, poise, and still had some energy reserves (in a good way) while Li Wen Hui looked like she strained himself to the maximum and was slightly out of control. Zhang Shu received affirmation from three other judges as well, and ultimately, is also Harlem's choice. Oh my god at least Harlem gave Wen Hui a pair of damn sleek gold high tops.

2. Zhao Da Ge vs. Duan Xin Rui
Jaw-drop-o-meter: 20/10
"BACK TO 1955!" Harlem calls out. And then... I can only bow down to Harlem's impressive re-assembly of songs and breathing life into old songs. This time, the pair sings 亲密爱人 with a super vintage, sweet and jazzy edge. It reminds me of Harlem's own song - Honey Song! The improvement of both contestants is remarkably obvious much to my surprise! It could be the magic worked by dream mentor JJ Lin, but I guess we will never know. Worth replaying again and again. I loved Zhao Da Ge from her blind auditions of 我在人民广场吃炸鸡, and she continued to wow; but Duan Xin Rui has amazing(ly hilarious) showmanship too. Ah, what a dilemma! Harlem chooses Zhao Da Ge for her future potential in the competition, and she serenades Duan Xin Rui and Harlem with the lyrics of  亲密爱人.

3. Gu Zhen Bang vs. Li Wen Hao
Jaw-drop-o-meter: 5/10
Malaysian-born Gu Zhen Bang and Li Wen Hao does a Voice of China classic - 叶子 which has been executed to perfection by Na Ying's champion in the second season, 萱萱. According to how touched I feel during the performance, I think Gu Zhen Bang takes the crown... but that's not to say Li Wen Hao's R&B-laden voice is very lovely to listen to, which reminds me of Taipei city night streets, for some reason. With the elderly of the contestants at the event looking at Harlem's choice, it is such a stressful choice. Either way, I think the choice is warranted.. and it goes to Li Wen Hao. Very tear-inducing part as they give a teary send-off for Gu Zhen Bang.
Voice of China Season 4 Episode 9: Team Harlem, take the stage!

4. Ma Yin Yin vs. Wu Si Ai
Jaw-drop-o-meter: 7/10
Gorgeous ladies face-off in a classic 情人的眼泪, with a modern take on the tune. The judges are divided between Ma Yin Yin and Wu Si Ai - they do have their own strengths that can't be compared this way. Ma Yin Yin is more calm and collected, while Wu Si Ai is more warm and friendly, Their post-performance conversations get even more teary as the two girls revealed how closely-knitted they are. Between sniffs, Harlem chooses Ma Yin Yin as the top 6 of Harlem's team.

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Voice of China Season 4 Episode 9: Team Harlem, take the stage!

5. Tong Yu Shuo vs. Wang Di
Jaw-drop-o-meter: 10/10
This impossible pair amazingly pulls this sultry, monotonous song of 表白 off quite well. I give a hundred-and-one points to showmanship to both of them. I love how Tong Yu Shuo's voice has this effect of ocean waves but Wang Di managed to manipulate spontaneously which is too cute! I agree with Wang Feng and JJ Lin's choice of Tong Yu Shuo which I preferred. And I can't take my eyes off her shampoo-advertisement worthy hair. And Harlem agrees.

6. Tan Xuan Yuan vs. Cao Jing Hao
Jaw-drop-o-meter: 11/10
Harlem makes them sing IT'S MY LIFE. It is designed for a fantastical, perfect ending for the PK rounds... and it does burst through the ceilings! The two guys melded as one most of the time. Cao Jing Hao had improved immensely, but Tan Xuan Yuan was able to challenge very high notes easily It is another difficult choice to make as they are pretty much shoulder to shoulder in standard throughout the performance. Harlem goes with Wang Feng and JJ Lin's suggestion to choose Tan Xuan Yuan.
Final 4: Zhang Shu, Zhao Da Ge, Tan Xuan Yuan, Ma Yin Yin

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 9: Team Harlem, take the stage! 

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 10 Prelude

Each of the team's top 4 will be doing a PK - by drawing of slots, the teams will be clashing as such:

Na Ying's team vs Jay Chou's team
Wang Feng's team vs Harlem Yu's team

As a recap, each of the team's top 4 are:
Na Ying's team: Zhang Yu, Sun Bo Lun, Zhang Lei, Lang-ga-la-mu
Jay Chou's team: Chen Zi Tong, Li An, Guan Shi Min, Li Xin Ni
Wang Feng's team: Bei Bei, Huang Xiao Yun, Zhang Xinxin, Huang Yong
Harlem Yu's team: Tan Xuan Yuan, Zhang Shu, Zhao Da Ge, Ma Yin Yin

Each of the team's first contestant is my predicted champion for each team.

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  1. 燕尾蝶 not sing by F.I.R , its Fish Leong, 梁靜茹 song

  2. Hey there :)

    Thanks for pointing it out! I must have mixed it up with another song. The post is amended accordingly.


  3. Tong Yu Shuo is a "he" and not a "she"....I think you used "her" hair instead of "his" hair! ;)

  4. Tong Yu Shuo has chosen to identify herself as a woman, and we should respect her decision and address her according to that.

  5. haha omg I just watched Harlem's team only. eh isn't li wen hui a girl?? I was so confused for this ep's gender identity issues lol. but omg really hands down to harlem's amazing dedication.

  6. Whoops that was an honest mistake. :<

    Corrected it...


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